Great Escapes YYT

your Great Escape may be just ten minutes away! #BeThereIn10

Through the summer we'll be following people across the City as they make their Great Escapes in St. John's neighborhoods. You can see it all right here, on the website and on social media.

After watching people enjoying the natural spectacles, you can plan your own Great Escape!


Great Escape #2 ~ Signal Hill Neighbourhood

Early in the morning early in July, Melissa Wong caught up with Sarah Hanna and Marlene Power on top of Signal Hill.  They are part of the Morning Hill crew who make their Great Escape at sunrise all year long.


Great Escape #1 ~ Mundy Pond Neighbourhood

Early in June before the hot spell, Guide to the Good Founder, Kim Todd makes her Great Escape to Mundy Pond Park in the Mundy Pond Neighbourhood - an oasis in the middle of St. John's, minutes from factories, heavy equipment depots, suburbs, and the cross-town highway! 


Great Escape #3 - RELEASE DATE - July 24

On a sunny day in July, Guide to the Good's Melissa Wong caught her co-worker Amanda Russell making her Great Escape YYT at Victoria Park in Downtown St. John's with her daughters Sofia and Gabby in the Downtown Neighbourhood of Victoria Park.  That place is  magical!  A charming downtown park with a great playground, cool historic things you can learn more about during a Story Walk (bring your phone!), you might even catch a baseball game! Don't miss the 100 Portraits of the Great War - the sculptures were cast from living descendants of the Newfoundland Regiment soldiers.    

Great Escape #3 ~ Victoria Park Downtown Neighbourhood

parks and trails of St. John's 

Fabulous outdoor spaces are a gift of Newfoundland and Labrador. Even in our largest urban centre, Great Escapes are not more than 10 minutes away. 

This summer be inspired by digital tours with locals who know the trails, parks, beaches and other neighbourhood outdoor places! They share first-hand experience in how nature restores, relaxes, and revitalizes the body and mind! 

Embracing our natural environment builds healthier, stronger communities, and a strong sense of belonging - at no charge.

These Great Escapes are digital monuments to the way our natural environment connects our communities to the Earth, shapes our culture and neighbourhoods, and gives people of all ages and interests a place to relax and restore in the great outdoors. 

The City's beautiful locales inspire many different people to get out there and reap the benefits of being outdoors. It is Just Right There.

The Great Escapes YYT Project is a multi-media campaign celebrating good living, community engagement, and love for our “smiling land”.  We're proud to acknowledge support from the City of St. John's.

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Melissa Wong

In the summer of 2021, videographer, journalist and poet Melissa Wong took on the Great Escapes YYT project and met people enjoying outdoor adventures that are Just Right There, all over St. John's.