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The holidays can be a very busy and sometimes expensive time for people.

I have been thinking a lot about how I can decrease my stress (both financially and emotionally) and decrease the stress my family puts on the environment over the holiday season.

The first and easiest idea is to shop local. This helps local business, decreases shipping costs, and keeps me connected to the community.  Guide to the Good is a great tool for that!

The next idea I came up with is making homemade wrapping paper. Did you know that gift wrap is not recyclable? I didn’t until I did a quick search on  Just think of all the waste this creates! 

Now I know you might ask “how is making something less stressful then just buying it?” And my answer is family time and a creative outlet. For this project I needed a couple of things, a roll of brown shipping paper (recyclable! Yay!), some washable finger paint, painters tape, and an excited 18 month old. (Baby not required). I taped out a section of paper and let my son have a TIME! 

Now I will admit it’s not the most objectively beautiful paper on the world, but to the people who receive our gifts it will make it just a little more special.

If you have older kids or you just want to do this yourself you could use stencils or paint brushes or whatever you like, we used chubby baby fingers and toes.  We had lots of fun making this and seeing my son enjoying himself so much made my day.

So this is the finished product ready and waiting to make a family member happy on Christmas morning.

So remember, do what you can to reduce this Christmas, reduce your stress, reduce your spending, and reduce your carbon footprint.

You and the world will be all the more happy for it. 

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

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Rebekkah Bourne

Rebekkah is an awesome mom and a be-er of green. she's also a public servant, ex lawyer, family woman and a Director for she's always looking for ways to grow local and sustainable practices.