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It's all good!  Neighbourhood keeps great articles of clothing out of the landfill and brings them back into the system with donations that don't fit or don't suit anymore. But it's a system of sustainability that informed donors make all the more efficient.

So, when you go to clear out your closet and pack up the 'go' pile, Mari-Lynn Taylor of Neighbhourhood shares these tips to maximize your generous action.

"Donating clothing, jewelry and accessories to Neighbourhood is wonderful - it's our business model. Keep the donations coming!  But often people aren't sure whether someting is donate-able, and often have questions about the process.  There are ways that make it easier all around," says Mari-Lynn Tayor.

We got the Inside Scoop - April 8, 2022

how to be a great second-hand clothing donor

Everyone is busy, and taking on the task of cleaning out the closet is a bit of a time investment.  Differentiating here - at source - is really helpful. 

If you have a second, give your clothes the “Hand-me-down quality test”. Ask yourself if you give this item to a close friend or family member?

If the answer is yes, that article of clothes can be donated.

looking to maximize the impact of your donations?

Choose to donate items 2-3 months before others may want to use them. This allows us to have seasonal stock for the customers we serve. For example, a great time to donate winter boots is in Sept-Oct when the season is changing and people are stocking up for the new season.

what happens if Neighbourhood can't sell it?

Neighbourhood operates under a “Zero Waste Mandate”. Any clothing items that are not suitable for resale are used by another Choice for Youth social enterprise or The Shop to be repurposed into things like rags, upcycled denim products, etc.


Check Neighbourhood's Guide to the Good profile for more info, but except for major holidays, generally Neighborhood is open every day of the week for shopping and donations.  10 to 6 Monday to Saturday and 12 to 5 on Sunday.


Video by Melissa Wong.

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