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Top Tips for Shopping Season Hits 2021

The joy of giving is pretty universal, but its precursor - the season of shopping - calls up different reactions from different people.

To help you out we’re sharing Top Tips for Shopping Season Hits and a few wonderful ways to buy, eat and experience local.  Click here for the intro. 

Next up is Kim Todd! This GenXer likes the gifting to be good, grouped, and not overwhelming.

Gift by the Group!

We're a family of five (they're almost grown!), and our family and friends are a crowd of wonderful gift-givers and gatherers so the season is always very full.

But decades ago the stress of searching to find the perfect thing for everyone - self-inflicted of course -  took the shine off the season.  

As a means of keeping the spirit up I started a ‘Year of The’ Tradition.  It varies obviously, but ‘like’ people on our list receive a version of the same thing.  It works!  Here are some SHOPPING HITS

Close Family & Friends

Even though we needed it to be easy, we wanted the gifts to be special!  And practical.  Christmas Wreaths were perfect.  

  • Newfoundland Wreath Company harvests sustainably, and for us Christmas celebrations start on the day Rose brings the wreaths!  We deliver to family and friends the next day so they're up in time for Christmas Eve.
  • Jams, Jellies, Syrup - some years we make something special to give - one year it was a very small crock of maple syrup! - but usally we give a bottle from The Jam Lady.  She's awesome. 
  • Dave Finn loves the music and he loves to share.  It used to be a CD, complete with a case and cover (in fact people used to think it was a CD of photos of the kids!) but now it's a playlist.   This year it will include tracks from Owen Finn)

Neices, Nephews & Young Friends

Nieces, nephews and kid-aged friends can be really hard to shop for.  We go for things to do together in a group.  This can be weird but it's always fun 

  • Pottery Sessions at Clay Cafe Avalon were a favourite and when you break it down as a per gift cost, the price is really appealing.  We book all six wheels so the schedule is flexible, and it makes for a couple of memory-making outings - one to pot and one to paint.  And people get to keep their making forever.  
  • Lester's Sleigh Rides was another hit!

Next up is Amanda Russelll,  an early Millennial and busy mom with her eye on stress-free shopping.

Tune in Thursday December 2, 2021.

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