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Inside Scoop with Tracy Sullivan from Home Again Furniture Bank

"Furniture can be life-changing," says Tracy Sullivan of Home Again Furniture Bank. 

"We have so many stories from the different people we serve.  Senior citizens, single parents, lower income earners who  just can't afford to save up for some of these big pieces of furniture."

We got the Inside Scoop - June 3, 2022, from Home Again Furniture Bank and Home Again Volunteers. 

Trade Secret: What if you’re a person looking for furniture, how do you get on the list?

Home Again partners with 37 different agencies in the area such as The Gathering Place, Iris Kirby House, Stella's Circle, and Choices for Youth. If you need furniture and you are associated with one of these agencies, they will put a referral in on your behalf. Once Home Again receives the referral, they will contact you to set up a delivery.

Home Again is also partnered with a lot of the churches in the area so it doesn't matter if you're a member of these churches or not, you can call them up and tell them you need furniture. The Church will take a referral over the phone, assess the need, and then send the referral to us. 

If you are not part of one of these associations, then you can find an entire list of all Home Again's partners on the website at - just click on "I need furniture". 

Or, you can call Home Again directly at 325-4040.


Home Again Furniture Bank has been in existence for about seven years. Home Again services the Northeast Avalon area, operate through a referral system that has 37 different partner agencies, and they have done almost 2, 200 deliveries to many different homes.


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