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spring gardening tips

Just in time for Victoria Day weekend, Kim Todd caught up with John Frecker at Holland Nurseries on Torbay Road in St. John's to talk about spring gardening tips.

Holland Nurseries is one of the leading horticultural businesses in the provice and they are happy to share their knowledge with fellow gardeners in Newfoundland and Labrador to help keep our backyards beautiful and sustainable.

Video: Grow with Holland Nurseries with John Frecker & Kim Todd


getting the garden started

John tells us that one of the most important things we need to do before we get started is to pull out the rake and clean up all of the old weeds and compost them. You should also turn the soil to get rid of any nascent weeds that may be hiding below the surface.

Once you have your garden ready you may want to add some new soil to add nutrients. John recommends using a standard triple mix and adding seashells for extra nutrients!

What to Plant?

If you are not sure what to plant in your garden, John recommends visiting the garden center to view their selection of varieties and colors in person, or to use the plant finder feature on their website which helps you decide which plants are best for your garden.

When to Plant?

John says that the best time to plant outside is mid-June!

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