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"The art comes through me layer by layer by layer by layer. Sometimes I'm eight layers in before I even know what the painting is going to become, "says Dominique Hurley of Dominique Hurley Intuitive Art & Inspiration. 

Dominique does energy healing through art.

“It's a process of discovery,” she says.  “It's part embracing the mystery, part intuitive living.  What shows up in the studio helps with life.

We got a beautiful, grounding Inside Scoop, live with Dominique at her studio on Tuesday, November 1. That's where you'll find her little creative cave that grounds her and helps her connect to the Zone.

Video: watch Dominique Hurley, owner of Dominique Hurley Intuitive Art & Inspiration, in the studio where she creates art

Trade Secret: One of Dominique's techniques is dot-by-dot. Tens of thousands of dots. It’s therapeutic, and it builds connection. For the painting ‘Every Dot A Prayer” for which Dominique received a 2019 Arts & Letters Award, the dots are actual prayers for people in the community.

In the video Dominique explains how it happened, but generally she was working on a painting and… “I asked the facebook world if anybody needs prayers, let me know…  and the prayer requests came flooding in. It was amazing…  supporting the universe and helping and volunteering from my little space here.”

And stop by her website, Dominique is celebrating her Birthday Sale on original paintings, and Black Friday Sale on Calendars & Prints this week!

Dominique Hurley is the proud recipient of the 2022 Let’s Do Some Good Award in memory of Katherine Saunders.


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