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Newfoundland botanicals harvested at most potent

Feeling good is a beautiful thing, and it's something Lisa Walsh, founder of ISC Beauty, has built a business around.

Guide to the Good stopped by ISC for an Inside Scoop in January 2023, and Lisa and Kim Todd had a grand chat.

ISC Beauty makes gorgeous skincare products from Newfoundland botanicals - seaweed from the sea, berries from the barrens, flora from the woods. Lisa's goal is to create lines that make people feel good, are healthy, and are affordable. She says, "We've done a lot of research and work to harvest product ingredients when they are most potent. We're vegan and cruelty-free, and are with the products we make from seed to when it's applied to the skin. We take every step in the process."

Video: watch ISC Beauty's Lisa Walsh and Kim Todd talk about Newfoundland botanicals and beauty business

Trade Secret:  Lisa Walsh is known for positive energy and being an upbeat soul.  She believes in the beauty and power of nature, and scent, and says a little bit of spritz can change the way you see the world.


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