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be it the amazing shopping, the fantastic bars, cafes, and restaurants, the robust culture and nightlife, the scenic views, downtown is a go-to destination that’s especially special during the holidays!

we love to talk about it all the time, and when we do a topic always comes up - PARKING! 

you know what we’re talking about, we’ve heard it all before, “there’s nowhere to park!”, “I'm going to get a ticket” “blah blah blah” and so on. 

but the truth is PARKING IS PLENTIFUL! 

we talked with Gaylynne Gulliver - Marketing, Special Events and Public Relations Manager with the Downtown Development Commission (and a member of the G2G advisory committee) to get the Inside Scoop on parking in downtown St. John’s. here's the link to parking deets on the DDC website, and Gaylynne's hot tips:

  • there are over 800 on-street parking spots, some of which are metered and others are free 2 hour parking. after 6 pm and on weekends, all of these spots become free to park
  • there are three major parking garages 
    • 351 Water Street
    • Metro Park (330 Duckworth)
    • Atlantic Place are full of pay-as-you-stay spots. 
  • the City Hall parking garage also has some pay-as-you-stay parking available
  • free evenings & weekends 
    • Water Street by Solomon’s Lane
    • Prescott Street & Duckworth Streets
    • Duckworth Street by Holloway Street 
      • (those three are all owned by Colliers - thanks b’ys!) '
    • Neil Building parking lot
    • Bowring Building has free parking Thursday and Friday nights from 6-9:30. 

there are many other spots around town where you can buy parking permits as well. 

now you have the inside scoop on yyt parking - and tell your friends and meet them downtown!

happy holidays and happy parking from us at G2G!

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