introducing the guide to the good!

nice to meet you!

the time has come! is thrilled to let you know that your guide to the good is live and launching!  this is it.   pix above are just about half the faces of the local businesses and community organizations you’ll find in the profiles section – click around and check out the great local businesses and community organizations that help our local community be stronger economically, ethically, environmentally, and socially.   (click the profiles, not the picture – we’ll work on that!)

the guide to the good is a social enterprise that makes it easy and practical to choose local and green for your purchasing and lifestyle choices.   we built it because local and green bring economic, environmental, ethical and social benefits to our lives, our communities, and our planet.   we’re piloting here at home, in the Northeast Avalon, but the goal is for there to be a guide to the good in communities everywhere.

have a look around!  I bet you’ll be impressed with what you see, and I bet you’ll find out something new and useful.  

this is the start.   the lovelies that you see now are the first 50 – there are hundreds to come.  our bank of bloggers is growing – keep eyes out for fresh new writers with ideas and expertise in things to do with living la vida local, ways with words that take confusion out of complex ideas, and explore the connections we have with each other.   their ideas will give you even more reasons to keep coming back, and we’re looking forward to new technologies that will make the guide to the good even better.

working together, we can lift up local in the Northeast Avalon like it’s never been lifted before.

it has been a pleasure and a two-decade dream to get this social enterprise off the ground.  the community of this, the pilot – the Northeast Avalon – is so rich in cool, creative people, businesses and organizations – every day of development has had moments of surprise and delight, and I’m really proud of all that we have to offer.   

thanks to all those who’ve got it to this point – firstly the profilees and the bloggers.  thanks too to the Conservation Corps NL, City of St. John’s, Junior Forest Wardens NL, JOBS NL, and Memorial’s Office of Public Engagement – all of whom helped make it possible for me to hire the fabulous guide to the good start-up project co-ordinator Perla Hernandez, the amazing Laura Snow who loved spending the summer learning about local by talking with profilees, and the savvy Amanda Russell who’s volunteering her time to help get this show on the road, to Robert Purchase of, whose skill and kindness are irreplaceable,and got us to here.  to the Board – Bobby, Jeff, Emad and Kelly – for their will and faith.  and to Finn, Kate, Owen, Lucy & the Mighty Nine who enabled me to get on with it.  xo  

let’s go, and see where it takes us!



Kim Todd, Founder & Director,, guide to the good

Robert Young photo

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