JFW Remembrance Tree Plant 2021

Black spruce, white spruce and pine seedlings - a forest of Remembrance

Junior Forest Wardens and Friends plant at Ricketts Bridge

On November 13, Junior Forest Wardens and friends planted white spruce, black spruce and pine seedlings in a special Remembrance Day plant at the cloverleaf, Ricketts Bridge, St. John's. 

For some, it was the first time planting.  For others, it has become a tradition as familiar as the change in seasons. 

Every JFW plant is special, and the 2021 plant will stand out due to its focus and location.  Ricketts Bridge is named in honour of Tommy Ricketts, Newfoundland WWI soldier who was awarded the Victoria Cross and other medals for his service. Each tree was planted in honour of he and all the others who sacrificed so much.

The evergreens will reclaim the space for nature, create a habitat for wildlife, offer protection to the roadways and aid in carbon sequestration to help the planet and all the people who live here. 

When time passes and the trees grow, all who travellers to and from Newfoundland via Torbay International Airport will pass through the Remembrance Forest.

The Remembrance Day Plant was originally scheduled for November 11, but prevailing conditions called for a two-day delay.  Not all could make it, but more than 1500 seedlings were planted as part of the Junior Forest Wardens Remembrance Day Plant by:

  • JFW Wardens and friends - Ricketts Bridge, St. John's
  • Students of St. Mary's school, St. John's
  • 1st Paradise Sparks and 3rd Paradise Guides planted at Peter Barry Duff Park, Paradise
  • Seniors of St. Lukes' Homes, St. John's

The Junior Forest Wardens program is about adults and children of all ages enjoying outdoors together.  Clubs are self-organized and supported by JFW with equpiment and resources.

For more information on the Junior Forest Wardens, or if you're interested in getting involved, visit the Junior Forest Warden g2g profile.

For last year's plant -  Trees in the Terrace - click here.

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