Katherine Saunders

Katherine Saunders was Publication Specialist for Guide to the Good from September 2018 to September 2019. 
On a sunny day in June 2020 she went out for a hike. It ended in tragedy.  She was 25. 
Katherine was sweet and fun, quick and quirky.  She had opinions and she drove that little yellow car like it was a rocket. She loved cats although she was allergic.  She was gluten-intolerant.
During her time at Guide to the Good she bought a house with her fiance, got herself  a white rabbit, and planned planned planned her upcoming wedding to Kyle Anderson.  Along with normal work, we'd go on hikes and outings, have potlucks, plant trees, meditate and do yoga.
And she did great work - here, before here and after here. She was organized, on point, fast and ready to take on anything.  She accomplished much in her 25 years, and God knows what she might have done with more time.
But for here, she was face and eyes into the development of Guide to the Good 2.0. Her ideas, her creativity, her signature, her words and her picture show up on the forward face of Guide to the Good and on the back end in operations. She connected with members, she co-ordinated the Advisory Committee, she commandeered the g2g Community Quilt and created the newsletter prototype.  Some of the work she did a year ago is just coming out now, and in that way and so many others, she will continue to show up here.  
There are no words to fill the jagged massive gap of her missing presence.  All who knew her will recognize her spirit in the obituary for Katherine Saunders
Our deepest condolences to Katherine's parents, Kyle, Nan, and all.  When the time is right we will officially recognize her significant contribution to g2g and her far-too-short time. 

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