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ideas to make the MOM in your life smile on mother's day

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Mother’s Day is May 8! 

Are you looking for a way to show your love and appreciation for someone who loves you?  Could be the one who bore you, the one who raised you, a relative or no relative, female or not - feel free to acknowledge anyone who has made you feel loved, cared for, comforted, or showed you a good way to be.

Here’s a dozen or so ideas on how to give one who MOMs you a nod on Mother’s Day!  They're all local companies and they bring good things to our communities.

for the moms who love clothes

Clothes Mom - we are talking outfits here!

1. Johnny Ruth on Water Street is one-stop ‘make your fashionista mama happy’.  Quality, more-than-one-season clothes - dresses, trousers, jackets, blouses and more.  Lots of new arrivals and the team is SO big on service, you’ll leave feeling loved.  Or you can browse and order online. (PS - Kim’s Closet is a little vintage rack at Johnny Ruth - great deals)

2. If your mama’s favourite style is green first, they’ll be delighted to see you chose something at Neighbourhood. And you will find something at Neighbourhood, one-on-the-rack shirts, jeans, hoodies, dresses and so many other fashion options.  You won’t find better deals on awesome outfits anywhere.  And Neighbourhood is a social enterprise that helps find a life track that's good for them - something moms really like!

3. If the one you want to show the love to is into soft, flowy clothes that somehow, magically look sharp and smart at the same time, pop down to Posie Row on Duckworth Street.  Flowing dresses, comfy jackets and Fair Trade choices.  And the best hat collection in the City!  (PS - LOTS of non-clothes ideas at Posie Row & Co!).

soft fuzzy jackets from Posie Row

for the moms who love HOME

House Moms find joy in their own domain!  Gifts that make the home their castle makes these moms sit back and smile.

4.  Care, softness, warmth and longlastingness are associated with mama’s love.  You can give it right back to her with a quilt from The Bee Sisters.  Bern and B are artists of the Newfoundland tradition and they learned their art from the mom and nan.  They have a wide selection of blanket love - afghans as well as quilts - and they take custom orders.  She'll feel the love, tucked in good every night.

stack of Newfoundland quilts by The Bee Sisters

5.  Many mothers say that their kids grew up fast.  The minutes may sometimes be long, but the years are short and before you know it they’ve left  home.  One great way for mom to keep them close is with a portrait for the home.  John MacCallum is a local artist who captures moments in time and the essence of soul in portraiture.  This one is a legacy mother’s gift.

portraits by John MacCallum

6.  There’s a meme going around on social that says, ‘How about a summer camp for moms, where you go and read all day?” If that sounds like something your mom would like, visit  Elaine’s Books  on Duckworth Street or online!).  Thousands of quality used books curated by Elaine.  Does she love poetry, fiction, Newfoundland books?  You’ll find it here, and if you tell Elaine three things about your intended recipient, Elaine will give you some great options! 

Three Books from Elaine's Books

7.  Zen gift for mom. Original, inspired art by Dominique Hurley is a beautiful choice for the mama who craves meditative moments in the everyday.  With vibrants colour and deeply felt themes, Dominique’s art transforms any room to space that lets you pause, reflect, and release.  Dominque has recently completed a glorious series of 8 x 10 originals - check the link on her profile to shop.

three original works of art by Dominique Hurley

Mother's Day Happy Hour

8.  Does your ma love a little happy hour?  If yes, check out Newfoundland Distillery.  Internationally acclaimed and locally-distilled drinks to share and cheer at home and on-the-go.  The Distillery makes spirits, bitters, and ready-to-drink-cocktails infused with the lovely and savoury taste of here - seaweed, cloudberry, changa, rhubarb, spruce tips and so many other local botanical delights. Cheers! 

Three types of beverages by Newfoundland Distillery.

moms with EXPERIENCE

Moms are people too!  Experiences create joy on repeat - when they’re happening and then again when they’re remembered. Choosing local ramps it up for long-term benefit! 

9. If your mama loves outdoors and plants, a membership to the Botanical Gardens is a great go-to.  Trails to walk, nature to hear and see, flowers and foliage to enjoy.   

10.  If she loves live theatre, tickets to upcoming PerSIStence shows is a great choice.  And so is an ongoing donation in her name with the company.  Persistence is a feminist organization that is a support and advocate for all who identify as women. 

11. The Lotus Centre  offers experiences for mom almost every day of the week.  Yoga, meditation, training and healing classes and workshops at the studio on Prescott Street, at the Tree of Life on Salmonier Line, and online.  It’s a space to be, and grow and learn.  Good vibes only.

a basket moment with mom on Mother's Day

12.  If, every now and then, what your mom really wants is to pause and enjoy good things in good company, maybe a Moments That Matter basket is the thing to bring for you and her.  Imagine the memories!  Ideas abound, but we see a great basket in:

A couple of perfect hand-painted mugs from NERRL (gives the gift some permanence)

A lovely bar of her favourite type of chocolate from Newfoundland Chocolate Company

Coffee beans from Trinity Coffee Company (get them - or a favourite tea - from Food For Thought)

Ice cream from The Waffle Lady (get it from the St. John’s Farmers’ Market)

She’ll be all the happier that she loves you.  


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