SOAR ~ math tutoring in trades

Courtney Clark helps students succeed in math

Courtney is the project coordinator of SOAR at the Murphy Center. She provides tutoring to people training in the skilled trades.

SOAR is a project funded to support people in the skilled trades. It helps people planning to enter a training college or those who are already in there and they need some support while they're doing their program.

We got the Inside Scoop on the SOAR tutoring project from Courtney live on March 31 on a job site at the O'Brien Farm Foundation.

math tutoring - it all adds

Math is an important part of all of the things to do with skilled trades. Math is a common denominator.

If someone is getting ready to go into a trades program and needs to write an assessment, Courtney can help get them ready for that.  Or, when a student in a program needs some tutoring support, SOAR does that too.

Tutoring is available both in-person and virtual.

call SOAR - here's the number

Anyone who needs her help can call Courtney directly. Her phone number is 693-2050 and that is for anyone in Newfoundland and Labrador.  For students in the Metro Area, in person tutoring is at the SOAR office at 90 O'Leary Avenue.

Virtual sessions can take place anywhere in the province.  If the test is tomorrow, Courtney can set up a quick little video chat with a link. 

There's lots of ways to get it done. The tutoring can be a catch-up in a certain area, or a comprehensive review.  Courtney can get go through a question to show someone if they're going wrong.  Or, she can show them how to find the answer to questions that they're stuck on.


Video by Melissa Wong

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