#mindourbusiness - feature recap

when Covid-19 stopped us in our tracks, local companies took a pivot and responded with new ways to safely meet community needs, and to stay in business.

in March of 2020 it all changed.  the townies were still living in the mountains of snowmageddon when the pandemic took hold.

setting up a sidewalk shop, teaching yoga online, and delivery to the door became the new normal for our companies, and community response played and continues to play a huge role in helping these companies survive the COVID-19 sideeffects.

there was mindset switch. 

at guide the good, we zeroed in on minding our business - paying attention to what local companies were doing, understanding how local ecosystems work, and how they contribute to the community. choosing local became important like never before. 

going local and being vocal was the word on the street - literally!

the intro livestream

  • we went live in the back yard on a sunny April 26 to share the cool things that were coming up!  some went as planned, and some did not! 

the We Got This series

  • We Got This was a new project created to nurture resilient, locally-focused communities in a post COVID-19 Newfoundland and Labrador.  it’s a multi-episode, fresh and original livestream series that informs, educates, and inspires the community and offers practical tools to take action as we move forward. 
  • we got off to a great start with Bobby Bessey of Shakti Yoga!   then we ran into technical problems.. but it will return!


#mindourbusiness pictures

  • outside the Canary Cycles shop on LeMarchant was a busy place as people lean toward alternate transport, and biking for pleasure
  • Bobby Bessey of Shakti yoga did a quick tech update when social distancing came onstream
  • outdoor activity, with the six-foot space, is recommended.  the City of St. John's encourages a clock-wise direction to keep that distance
  • no playing in the playgrounds
  • walking in your bubble takes up a whole street when paths cross

Look for the Good   


community think tank

  • COVID-19 changed so many things, some were easy and some were hard!  the #mindourbusiness community think tank asked
    • what's your easiest Covid-19 change?
      • 55% said shop online
      • 35% said working from home
      • 0% said social distancing
      • 10% said online hang-outs


what's next? more surprises, no doubt!  as we write this wrap-up, it seems like June 2020 has brought us more sunny days that the entire summer some years. let's hope the weather holds, and continue to #mindourbusiness as we get to explore this magnificent and make our way through the summer of 2020.

stay home year!


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