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CBDC helping small business chart a course for the future

Not just here, everywere the technological revolution and the revolution connected to climate change calls for a shift in how the world does business.  There are possibilities.

Communities and small businesses throughout the province can charter new waters and become leaders not just here. 


The Big Reset brought a big response from most sectors. The stated intent of The Report of the Premier's Economic Recovery Team is to tie aspects of the economy and society together to meet big challenges and big opportunities.

The connection of community and business is the foundation of Community Business Development Corporation (CBDCs).  There are 17 CBDCs throughout the province, working with local companies and supporting small business through changing times.

CBDCs provide entrepreneurs with financial and technical services to assist in the creation of small businesses and in the expansion and modernization of existing businesses.

CBDCs offer

  • Loans, loan guarantees and equity financing to existing and aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Business counselling, help & advice is available to small businesses
  • Entrepreneurship development and training to individuals and small business owners/managers 
  • Guidance and coaching is sometimes supported by advocacy work

The changes and challenges we face in 2021 bring opportunities for small business in this province.  The world wants a piece of what we have - clean air, open space, water, community.  Technology continues to remove barriers to connection.  Our values and our essence aren't commodities to export, but they show up in our what we make.  We can export. 

CBDC stands for Community Business Development Corporation. For more info on CBDCs click here to visit their profile.  

The CBDC is a GROWER member with Guide to the Good.

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