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multidisciplinary art queen creates sustainable stories

Newfoundland multi-disciplinary artist Reign Love is well-known for the many forms of art she creates.  She's recently re-opened Ever Smile Art Hall in downtown St. John's, and it's a cool place for creation.

She makes visual art, local sustainable clothing, does Apothecary work, writes books, does workshops, pop-ups and ceremonial work. Her theme is: “love yourself”. Her art focuses on radical self-love and sovereignty and has a focus on the divine feminine.

We got the Inside Scoop live with Reign Love at the newly re-opened Ever Smile Art Hall, Harbour Drive St. John’s in December 2022.

Video: watch Newfoundland artist Reign Love model her fashion and tell about Ever Smile Art Hall

Trade Secret:  Reign Love believe the secret to creativity, and of all good things, is radical self love and authenticity.  For her textile work, she takes natural materials - cotton, bamboo, denim, leather - and re-creating, re-using to make something original.  


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