Microbusiness Builds Business Capacity in NL

Guide to the Good Business Exchange with local, social, green, diverse, inclusive microbusiness captures ideas on building capacity

Guide to the Good social enterprise is all about building sustainable communities.  Toward that, the Guide to the Good board wanted to get a pulse on what microbusiness entrepreneurs are experiencing, and what it takes to enhance microbusiness capacity to succeed. 

So early in 2024, Guide to the Good hosted an all-star Business Exchange for microbusiness in NL. Nancy Leung, Amanda Russell, and founder Kim Todd were the coordinating team.

Live at the Emera Innovation Exchange and online via Google Meet, Building Local Business Capacity Business Exchange was an amazing event of community, with people from diverse backgrounds sharing experiences in building business from their own personal perspectives.  There were many languages, many ideas, and many views, all in concert toward building a Newfoundland and Labrador where people and communities flourish. 

There was time to listen, speak, and have conversation. 

Collaboration, cooperation, and understanding how really big small business is were key topics of conversation, with a healthy dose of digital marketing. 

We all came out a little more connected.

Diverse perpsectives on business capacity in NL

Five Fabulous Panelists shared their experiences and perspectives to set the stage for Building Local Business Capacity

Sometimes there were cheers, and sometimes we were moved to tears because real life experiences, triumphs, tribulations, and opportunities were all part of the conversation.

Crystal Anstey of Wild Island Kitchen, Twillingate shared insights about about the culture of Wild Island, as well as international marketing and the importance of word of mouth

Claudia Fimbres, co-owner of Mamacita Mexican Kitchen & Latin Market in Mount Pearl spoke on the importance of community, and the experience of being an entrepreneur and a newcomer;  

Christopher Mitchelmore of SABRI, St. Anthony lent his view about long-term vision and collaboration, and social enterprise on the Great Northern Peninsula;  

Audrey Parnell of Econext talked about making connections toward building a circular ecosystem; and

Ali Pike of Ali Pike Unstyled, brought big heart and business savvy to the fore in their conversation about understanding your target market, and how business is not all about money.  


Conversations about local, social, green, diversity and inclusivity

Following the panel conversation, people got togeher in small groups to share thoughts and respond to big picture topics that come up in come up in the small business world, including

The day was all-on!  Nancy was all over the room, recording stories, taking notes, and making sure all kept on track. 

Amanda was at the laptop, making sure all was going well with the online participants. 

Facilitator Jennifer Kelly kept time and comments progressing smoothly as moderator. 

Kim was on the floor, greeting, connecting, and building the network. 


All the activity showed that there is an appetite - a big appetite - among the community to build a small business ecosystem that connects people with the natural environment, with culture, social enterprise, innovation, circular economies and more! 


When it was all said and done after many hours, many views and many voices, the short and sweet take-away is:

Video:  Five Pulse Points to Build Business Capacity

Five Pulse points to Build Local Business Capacity business capacity in Newfoundland and Labrador.  (video by Nancy Leung). 


Infographic:  Key Points Guide to the Good Building Local Business Capacity Business Exchange

Notes from Building Local Business Capacity 2024

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