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Top Tips for Shopping Season Hits 2021

The joy of giving is pretty universal, but its precursor - the season of shopping - calls up different reactions from different people.

To help shoppers out we’re sharing an original series 'Top Tips for Shopping Season Hits' with posts from a wide variety of shopping types, and many wonderful ways to buy, eat and experience local. 

Next up is Nina Todd,  She’s of what is known as the Silent Generation (but anyone who knows her would say that’s not accurate).  She’s a one-store wonder.

I’m a retired senior citizen and I love shopping but I’m on a fixed income. I don’t go out to the stores since COVID started except for Christmas shopping.  I can’t go around to all kinds of places and I need to get it all in one.   

We went last year to Piper's and that’s where I went again this year.  One store shopping.  We went right at suppertime so it wasn’t crowded at all.

safe shopping

I don’t buy a whole lot, but I need cards for friends and family and a few gifts for my children and grandchildren and three special friends.  And maybe a few little things to fill a stocking.

Like I said I don’t go out much because of the COVID so I’m very cautious when I’m out. Piper’s had hand sanitizer and paper towels there so I cleaned everything pretty good.

Newfoundland art cards

Piper's is organized in such a way that you can start and go through the aisles you’re interested in without going back and forth.  Cards were first and I was glad to get lovely cards with Newfoundland pictures on them. I got one box of 25. 

I also bought special cards by the each for my children and grandchildren. 

a good trip

As I went along I found gifts for the other people on my list and a little decoration for myself.

The check-out wasn’t too long, and the girl who rang me gave me the senior’s discount.

It was a good trip. I’ve been going to Pipers since they were on Water Street.  I like that Pipers is a local store and you can find anything you want or need there. 

That's how I get it done.  My daughter helps me.  Then I can relax with a nice glass of wine in my Newfoundland houses glass.


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Nina Todd

Nina is a wonder in many ways. A retired townie on a fixed income, a member of the Silent Generation and a one-store shopping wonder.