Lent: reflect, connect, and eat chocolate

Inside Scoop with Reverend Miriam Bowlby

“Giving up chocolate is not the point of Lent!" says Reverend Miriam Bowlby, Minister of Cochrane Street United Church. "We have this notion that Lent is about giving up chocolate or chips or doing something like that.  I think it takes away the richness.”

She adds, "You can give up chocolate if that's what helps your spirit focus, but the intent is to reflect and connect." 

We got the Inside Scoop - March 28, 2022 from Cochrane Street United Church

Trade Secret: Not everyone knows... but every Sunday is considered a little Easter so if you are giving something up for Lent, you can still partake on Sundays.


Cochrane Street United Church Easter celebrations are coming!  Sign up for their newsletter at https://www.cochranestreetuc.com/ for details. There's always special music.

The music is always extraordinary because of the acoustics.  There's a dome.  The building is known as the finest example of Byzantine architecture in the province.   The Church was completed in 1916 in the middle of the First World War.

Everyone is welcome. 


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