Remembrance Day Plant 2021

1500 seedings planted in honour of Newfoundland veterans, Remembrance Day '21

For Remembrance Day 2021 Guide to the Good, Junior Forest Wardens (JFW) and friends planted seedlings in a Remembrance Day tree plant at Ricketts Bridge, St. John's.


Video: watch Guide to the Good, Junior Forest Wardens, and friends plant  seedlings during the 2021 Remembrance Day Tree Plant


so, what happened at the Remembrance Day Tree Plant?

  • On November 11, Guide to the Good and friends planted white spruce, black spruce and pine seedlings in a one of a kind Remembrance Day Tree Plant at a quadrant of the junction of Portugal Cove Road and the Outer Ring Roads in St. John's.  The junction creates a four-leaf clover, and Ricketts Bridge is the overpass.
  • Ricketts Bridge is named in honour of Tommy Ricketts, Newfoundland WWI soldier who was awarded the Victoria Cross and other medals for his service.
  • The seedlings were planted in honour of he, and all who give serve in the name of peace.  

what's the goal of planting seedlings?

  • The Remembrance Day Tree Plant is built around honouring those who serve, fostering community engagement, environmental benefits, and getting people into the great outdoors.
  • As time passes and the trees grow, we hope that one day, those who travel to and from Newfoundland via Torbay International Airport will pass through the Remembrance Forest 
  • The evergreens will reclaim the space for nature, create a habitat for wildlife, offer protection to the roadways and aid in carbon sequestration to help the planet and all the people who live here.

Remembrance Day Tree plant sponsors and friends

The seedlings came from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture, Forestry Branch.  The space was coordinated through the City of St. John's.  The plant was sponsored by Canadian company Batesville, who are long-time supporters of Junior Forest Wardens Tree Plants.


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