Remembrance Day Tree Plant 2022

community comes together to plant a Remembrance Forest

For the first time in 2021, Guide to the Good, Junior Forest Wardens and friends came together to plant seedlings and start a Remembrance Day Forest.

In 2022 the numbers grew, and some 50 people were part of the event.

There were retirees and groups of high school students from Gonzaga, Holy Heart and St. Bonn’s. There were three-generation families. Some people were newcomers to St. John’s and others had been here all their lives. Some planted their very first seedling and for others it was one of thousands. All were bound by the intent to plant trees in the name of peace, and grow a safer, healthier world for everyone.   

This year Guide to the Good was pleased to welcome special guest Emma Walsh to speak at the event. Emma was an official guide at Beaumont Hamel and Vimy Ridge in France during the summer of 2022. The tragic unfolding of events of July 1, 1914 were familiar to most present, and the experience shared by a young woman who was immersed in the place more than 100 years after that day made a memorable impression on all, especially the children and youth.  She told the story of how, after the war, money was raised to buy the land of the battlefield. Once it was theirs, they planted trees native to Newfoundland in the soil.

After volunteer planters had collected their gloves and healthy snacks, Junior Forest Wardens Alumni and Tree Planter Michael Shallow gave a tree-planting demo and the three crews went planting.

In those few hours the sun shone, sleet railed down, there was a beautiful rainbow. It was hard and cold.  It was fulfilling and rewarding.  

Video: watch the Guide to the Good, Junior Forest Wardens (JFW), and friends plant trees seedlings during the 2022 Remembrance Day tree plant

Environmental Benefits of planting trees

The event is built around fostering community engagement, environmental benefits, and getting people into the great outdoors.

As time passes and the trees grow, we hope that one day, many of those who travel to and from Newfoundland via Torbay International Airport will pass through the Remembrance Forest.

We look forward to seeing the trees reclaim the space for nature, create a habitat for wildlife, offer protection to the roadways and aid in carbon sequestration to help the planet and all the people who live here.

Community Made the Remembrance Day Tree Plant Possible

The Remembrance Day Tree Plant 2022 was a community initiative.

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