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We are happy to republish this story as a post from Christmas past.

December!  and all the amazing things that come with it.  for g2g this year it's especially significant because we're wired and tired and beyond excited that the the all-new guide to the good platform has launched!  so for all this month and into 2020, we'll be showing and sharing the many ways Guide to the Good supports local connection in the context of a favourite series - seasons groundings.  this growing story will be pulled back from regular social media posts.

January 6, 2020 - it's old Christmas Day, the official end of the 12 days of Christmas and the wrap of this year's Seasons Groundings series.

it was awesome to share different parts of the new g2g platform over the past month in the context of the many little ways we can live local and connect to our selves, our community, and our planet. and it was a pleasure to to put them into practice over the Christmas holiday.  

Old Christmas Day storm makes for a perfect last light up
a walk on the Waterfront is a connection to our history as well as our place
to sing, to play, to sing along, dance and listen builds bonds - awesome local talent played their annual gig at the RockHouse Pub!
deep snow, big sky, snowshoeing is a great sibling connection (how. much. loooongeerrr!)
knocking on doors at midnight December 31 is a friendly neighbourhood thing to do!
generation connect! Nanny and granddaughter making special three-bun rolls for Christmas brunch
new friends from far-away places making a local specialty of their homeland - Chai Tea

January 1, 2020 - today is 2020 and it ain't about hindsight! let's let this be the time to realign for a newly-envisioned future. it starts with everyone! so today's #seasonsgroundings we're sharing some tried and true tips for having good days in times of change - #thinkplanetlivelocal

December 30 - you've met the faces of G2G, now connect with what we do. the holidays are about giving, and G2G spreads the good year-round! for today's #seasonsgroundings head over to the 'what' section of the all new G2G to learn about our social enterprise model.

December 29 - nature connects us! the holidays are a great time to get outside. our campaign coordinator Natalie Haire and James took Ben for a walk today around the trails in Harbour Grace. for today's #seasonsgroundings head over to the 'outdoors' section of the all new G2G for countless ways to connect with nature. #g2g2 #thinkplanetlivelocal

December 28 - the holidays march on and New Years is just around the corner! looking for the perfect 'fit' to ring in the new decade stylishly and ethically? think slow fashion! there are so many local options to shop slow fashion, which supports a more sustainable community, economy, and environment! visit the 'style' section of the all new G2G to get shopping!

December 27 - Guide to the Good is community! for today's #seasonsgroundings we're excited to shout out about the brilliant, community-minded people behind the scenes. the 'who' section of the site is the place to go to meet the board of directors, staff, and advisory committee, sponsors, partners, friends and supporters!

December 26 - it's boxing day! enjoy time to unwind after the big day! a great time to check out an awesome local restaurant! connect with our vibrant culinary scene for today's #seasonsgroundings and head over to the eat section of the all new G2G to see what's on the menu!

December 24 - can you believe it's Christmas Eve? for today's #seasonsgroundings we're connecting with our spirit and community through Cochrane Street United Church. they have so much going on today from a family service to a birthday party for Jesus! there's something for everyone at Cochrane, check them out on G2G!

December 23 - happy Tibb's everyone! Tibb's Eve (the day before Christmas Eve) is a sacred Newfoundland tradition that takes on many different forms. for today's #seasonsgroundings check out G2G founder Kim Todd and G2G campaign coordinator Natalie Haire share their different, but also surprisingly similar Tibb's Eve experiences.

December 21 - presence! the exchanging of gifts is rooted in connection, and sharing the gift of time and favourite things is a memory-maker of the finest kind.   today for #seasonsgroundings we're happy to share this downloadable gift certificate of presence! click here to open in jpeg, and here to open in pdf

you can put it in a frame or roll it in a scroll - what ever way you gift it, your presence will probably be someone's very favourite gift! 

there are loads of ideas at - especially have look at 10,000 seats and Spirit Connection!   #thinkplanetlivelocal #connection #presence

click the pdf or jpeg link above to print, or right click.

December 19 - for today's #seasonsgroundings we wish you ease in parking! there's so much on the go down over the hill - especially at holiday time! as part of the yyt downtown feature, here's the Inside Scoop on where to put the car. Gaylynne Gulliver is Marketing Manager with Downtown St. John's and she shared the skivvy.check it out 

and - happy day - there are FREE PARKING PASSES from MetroPark to be given out! pop into Johnny Ruth Maverick Sports & CollectablesChafe WM L and Sons LTDPosie RowTVAL Skincare, Historic Sites Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (Duckworth Street) happy holidays and happy parking (quantities are limited!) #thinkplanetlivelocal #g2gdowntown #downtownparking


December 18#seasonsgroundings is about connecting during the holidays. what better way than through the G2G hub who's name says it all? Spirit Connectionis your go-to for local events and activities that help you connect with your spirit. be it through organized religion, yoga, art, nature, you name it, we've got it. tonight alone there's Merry & Bright Holiday Light Festival at MUN Botanical GardenNature Newfoundland and Labrador's Guided Astronomy Walk, and Janneys on the Big Screen at The Rooms! check out the spirit connection hub for more! #thinkplanetlivelocal #g2g2#spiritconnection

December 17 - there's so many exciting things to connect with beyond your doorstep! for today's #seasonsgroundings we've got inspo for a sweet #baycation. last weekend our campaign coordinator Natalie Haire checked out the harbour lights at Port-De-Grave and enjoyed some delicious coffee at Darkstar Coffee Roasters in Carbonear. head over to the experience section of the site to find lots of things to do in your own backyard and all over the province!


December 16 - music is such a powerful connector ~ especially around the holidays. today's #seasonsgroundings is showcasing spectacular local artists with a holiday playlist curated by g2g Campaign Co-ordinator Natalie Haire. it's loaded with local artists like The Ennis Sisters and The Once with a focus on Hey Rosetta! and Tim Baker to get revved up for the show at Club One tonight. click the link to give it a listen! #thinkplanetlivelocal #localmusic…/g2g-seasons-…/pl.u-leylMdlt9Z2bEg…

December 13 - markets connect ~ to community, to others, to cultures, and everything in between. for today's #seasonsgroundings we're introducing the markets hub on the all new G2G! it's the one-stop spot for all things market - like how St. John's Farmers' Market is on both Saturday AND Sunday this weekend! check it out, there are lots coming up!

December 12 - today's #seasonsgrounding is about the good things, they're out there if you look! look for the good is the online game where you can win great prizes from awesome local companies. the downtown feature includes Posie Row & Co Johnny Ruth Chafe WM L and Sons LTD Maverick Sports & Collectables Isla & Sam's Shoes & Fashion.

December 11 - the holidays are about community and nothing says community in St. John's quite like the iconic businesses that have been downtown for generations. for today's #seasonsgroundings we're highlighting Chafe and Sons. they've just joined G2G and we're proud to share their festive spirit on the home page! everyone loves their iconic storefront and seasonal display, and inside lies a menswear store and tailor shop that has been building a strong sense of community for over 90 years.

December 10 - looking for ways to be a little more green with your gift giving this year? we've got you covered! today's #seasonsgroundings is from the new G2G stories section, and it's stacked with local companies that keep the gifting green. you'll find CharlottestreetJohnny RuthFound Consignment Boutique Neighbourhood Read Our LipsNewfoundland Chocolate CompanyThe Newfoundland Distillery CompanyWild Mother ProvisionsFive Brothers Artisan CheeseThe Jam Lady- Newfoundland Artisanal PreservesFood For Thought,Good2GrowNLTVAL SkincareTogether We ShineChoices for Youth

Check out the full story here!

December 6 - happy Friday! today's #seasonsgroundings looks at local theatre because it's an awesome community connection and there is LOTS on the go! St. John's Players is running A Christmas Carol: A Live Radio Drama! at LSPU HallSpirit of Newfoundland Productions LTD has got Miracle on George Street, and there is so much more it can be hard to keep track! happy again - the all-new Guide to the Good has a theatre hub ' '10 000 seats', and it's a one-stop spot for local theatre listings. click the link below to see what's on the go!

December 5 - our community is full of amazing music! for today's #seasonsgroundings we're sharing some local artists that might be new to you. this is the playlist we had going at last week's launch! ... if you were there you may remember it didn't go so smoothly so we wanted everyone to have a little listen and connect on this rainy day. 

here it is on Apple Music (if you don't have Apple Music you can still hear previews of each song)

December 4 - here is home to amazing makers, so for today's #seasonsgroundings we're highlighting the 'made in NL' section of the all new Guide to the Good. so much care goes into the goods that are made by hand, and Grenfell parkas are a well-loved part of Newfoundland culture. Marilyn Bessey made many. check out her story on g2g

Marilyn Bessey's Grenfell coats were made by hand, and they showed her skill, and her care

December 3 - #seasonsgroundings is back again on the all new Guide to the Good! we're here to share ways to connect during the holidaze. first up is downtown St. John's where Christmas shopping is a community and cultural experience. just search downtown at, you'll find loads of places to visit for Christmas gifts. #thinkplanetlivelocal #golo10 #g2gdowntown

the Santa Claus parade is a community downtown coming-together event

December 27 - Guide to the Good is community! for today's #seasonsgroundings we're excited to shout out about the brilliant, community-minded people behind the scenes. the 'who' section of the site is the place to go to meet the board of directors, staff, and advisory committee, sponsors, partners, friends and supporters! #g2g #facesofg2g

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seasons groundings is a favorite project of Guide to the Good. it ties in all the good things - the all new g2g platform, the many wonderful ways people are part of it, and the many ways people can connect.