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Inside Scoop with John Frecker of Holland Nurseries

Hold off putting annuals in the ground until after June 20th... 

"My mother-in-law, who was a fabulous gardener from Grand Falls - she used to say wait till the first full moon in June which is going to be this week," says John Frecker of Holland Nurseries

"Typically you're going to get a hard frost somewhere before then and... all these planters - you put them out and you come out in the morning and they'd be black so to prevent that that's why we have them in storage here now so we take care of them in the greenhouse until they're ready to go."

We got the Inside Scoop - June 9, 2022, from Holland Nurseries

Trade Secret: Some of the hearty vegetables such as lettuces are cool weather plants. They generally hold up but a real hard frost could knock them out. The tomatoes and cucumbers and plants like that - don't put them out too early because they're very sensitive to cold. If you get a cold night (not freezing but just cold) it sets them back. You gain nothing by planting them too early.


Holland Nurseries believe in community.  They support local artisans and makers through sales of their products - artwork, chocolate, local books and cool things like hammered gardening spoons. There is a woman who goes to antique stores and buys old spoons and then hammers them and stamps them with little slogans to be used as plant markers in your garden.


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