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Top Tips for Shopping Season Hits 2021

The joy of giving is pretty universal, but its precursor - the season of shopping - calls up different reactions from different people.

To help shoppers out we’re sharing an original series 'Top Tips for Shopping Season Hits' with posts from a wide variety of shopping types, and many wonderful ways to buy, eat and experience local. 

Michael O'Driscoll starts his shopping with a search

Next up is Michael O'Driscoll,  He’s a late millennial, digital whiz and a new (old) home-owner with his partner Laura.  He uses tech as a tool, but his choices are all heart.

Everyone has their own individual reasons to shop local. While all are equally valid, I find that local products are the best quality and that local shops have the best stories about their products or services.

Most often, local shops and restaurants are staffed by people passionate about what they do and the people they serve. That makes all the difference.

tools to find great gifts

When trying to find great gifts over the holidays there are a few key places to pay attention to that will be sure to net you some great gift ideas. Online shopping has taken off in recent years, forced on us all by COVID-19.

Many great local businesses have developed user-friendly and engaging websites that act as their digital storefront. If you have a favourite local store, be sure to look them up online first and see if they have any digital sales events.

Another great place to check for local deals is in local media. Local newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations often partner with businesses in their community. They offer a great venue for finding local businesses who often will be excited to help you find the perfect present.

Of course, sometimes the best methods are the oldest. Nothing compares to beating the pavement and taking a stroll around downtown or the farmers market to see what interesting stores and products are available that you may have never heard of before. Also, it’s a great excuse to try a new restaurant or café.  

great local gifts include food, friends, and family 

One of our favourite things to do during the holiday season is to socialize with friends and family. Often, this involves getting together around a meal. Luckily, there are several excellent local producers who carry great food and drink selections.

One of our traditional favourites is Logy Bay Jack cheese from Five Brothers Cheese Company.  A trip to a local butcher shop can get you some quality meats to go along with that Jack. In St. John's there's Newfoundland Sausage Company on Southside Road, and Waterwest on Water Street.

If you find yourself feeling a little thirsty, the folks at Newfoundland Distillery Company have a wide selection of award-winning spirits that are sure to satisfy!  Check out their cocktail recipes.  Any of these choices are great to bring along to a friend’s party or family get-together.

gifts to get outdoors

Looking for a non-edible related gift? There are plenty of options for that too.

Outfitters Adventure Gear and Apparel has a wide selection of great quality products for the outdoor enthusiast on your list. They carry gear perfect for someone ranging from beginner – expert.

Have someone on your list that enjoys traveling?

The Travel Bug is another great store that has a wide range of interesting and unique items. Chances are, there’s something for everyone!

tech and the great indoors

If that doesn’t cover everyone, there’s probably someone who enjoys tech on your list as well. Luckily, a cool local company is making waves all over.

St. John's-based MYSA Thermostats makes the 'Best Smart Themostat of the Year' 2021.  This local choice is a great for those who enjoy tech-related gifts. And it's a green choice. MYSA app-controlled thermostats are fun to use and will save the user money on their heat bill.  A gift that keeps on giving!

local gifts with community connection 

In a time when it’s easier than ever to shop online from Amazon, big box stores, and from places out of province, keeping in mind that a small change in your shopping habits can have a tremendous impact.

This season, take the time to discover what local artisans are creating. Talk to them about what they do and find out why they are passionate about it. You’ll often find out that they have a great story to tell. Money spent in our communities stays in our communities and helps our neighbours thrive.


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Michael O'Driscoll

Michael is a late millennial and digital whiz, specializing in Google Ads. Born in St. John's, he lives in Grand Falls Windsor where he and partner Laura have bought their first home.