stay home year 2020

o COVID-19, what is this 'staycation' you've created? 

the kids of the 70s and 80s LOVED vacation, which was almost always meant vacating where you lived and travelling around the province with family and friends.

you'd do things like go to the cabin, stay in provincial parks, swim in ponds, ride bikes on dirt roads, motor boats, catch frogs and visit NL lighthouses.  the photography wasn't as polished, but the times were awesome.  

and here we are in 2020 - everything old is new again!  social media feeds are popping with happy travellers showing off their staycation treasures. there are happy shots of craft breweries, distilleries, jumping whales and astonished kids, East Coast Trail hiking, boutique hotels and salt box specials.  who knew how perfectly hiking and craft beer would pair?

we're excited to share the local love. what's on your bucket list?  check out all on the go below for inspo!

#staycation 2020

all this translates to loads of local love!  and we're all over that and happy to celebrate #staycation as the new g2g feature!  this is what we're working on!

Look for the Good - win the goodie bag   

    • get a few new deets on companies that always make a St. John's an awesome staycation destination!  Belinda Dominic played and entered and she won the great prize pack! 
    • click here for the full story!

Blonde, masked woman outdoors with prizes she won.

Inside Scoop

  • the Inside Scoop shares info on cool things happening in the community from those making it happen and those who understand it.  we'd hoped to talk with Angela live from Angela's Shoreline Restaurant in Burgeo, but instead we just got the scoop on the rolled ice cream.

community think tank

    • what are you going to do this summer?  say your part on the home page!

great #staycation golos coming up!

#staycation stories

We Got This series

    • We Got This nurtures resilient, locally-focused communities in a post COVID-19 Newfoundland and Labrador.  it’s a multi-episode, fresh and original livestream series that informs, educates, and inspires the community and offers practical tools to take action as we move forward.  we headed to Clarke's Beach for a We Got This episode with Peter Wilkins of The Newfoundland Distillery.
    • square box with text We Got This and an image of Newfoundland Distillery Seaweed Gin and the text - livestream with Peter Wilkins September 3, 2020

and more! 

let's see what else shows up! 

the pix down the side

  • there are dishes to be done little blighters, even on vacation!  at a picnic table, by a camping van with bikes on the roof 
  • lighthouse photo op (this is believed to be Long Point Lighthouse, North Twillingate Island circa late 70s)
  • three little darlings in the pond at the cabin
  • Terra Nova National Park was a very chill destination, with cool things to swing around at Newman Sound
  • sister and brother, together by the miniature waterwheel
  • the expedition to the fishing cabin was the greatest escape for the b'ys, but for some, even in the roughest of conditions, there is no cause to go without a tie and sportscoat.
  • a boy and a boat
children on vacation in the 1970s, sitting at a picnic table doing dishes

a young man wearing a baseball hat standing in front of a lighthouse

three female children standing in a pond looking cold with a boat in the background

woman with five kids, three of whom are swinging a large telescope, standing in front of a fjord in Terra Nova National Park

two children sitting in front of a replica waterwheel at a provincial park in Newfoundland

young boy and two men standing in front of a very rough looking cabin.  one of the men is wearing a sports coat

boy motoring a small wooden boat