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staycation 2021 accommodations - welcome home!

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Accommodations are the foundation of any staycation, and communities throughout the province are home to awesome places that make going to sleep just as wonderful as waking up.   

Each of these staycation destinations are locals who love where they are, and have worked hard to start and keep the home fires burning through the pandemic.  They’re ready for summer 2021. 

All they need is you!

the original

Placentia Baycations - It’s been a a couple of years now since ‘baycation’ became a thing, buy you know they are rocking in it Placentia when their web address is ‘’.  

In Placentia Bay on the west of the Avalon, Placentia is the French capital of Newfoundland, and it offers something special at every turn.  Placentia Baycations accommodations include seaside cottages and historic house and soak up the stories of Newfoundland’s French capital.   The cottages are sweet, bright and seaside (think ocean spray and good quilts (weighted blankets before ‘weighted blanket’ was a thing).  The Fleur de Sel Heritage Home is a destination of itself, and the perfect place to start exploring the area’s rich international history (like the genesis of the UN!).

Co-owners Caitlin and Daniel love making the joy of Placentia accessible to visitors, and they’re happy to be playing a role in bringing Placentia to the world.

the heart of the Irish Loop

Find yourself somewhere entirely different at the Edge of the Avalon Inn in Trepassey.

Tucked into a curve connecting the two most southerly points of the Avalon, the Edge is on the Irish Loop with ocean south and west, and a pond to the east.  It’s a perfect location to start exploration around the Loop with points of interest all around.  Staff are World Host trained, and are delighted to welcome visitors for all over.  Recognition of Excellence in 2020 from Hotels Combined.

gorgeous gardens

Beautiful gardens and a warm family atmosphere welcome guests to Abbie’s Garden Bed &  Breakfast, just outside Grand Bank on the Burin Peninsula.  You’ll find flowers, chickens, and maybe even fairy trails to greet you while walking the gorgeous grounds. 

There’s licensed dining on-site, and tonnes of history to explore in the area.  It's on the Burin after all, celebrated here:


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CBDCs (branches of the Community Business Development Corporation) invest in communities and support entrepreneurs as they create and build opportunity and sustainability throughout the province.  Abbie's Garden Bed and Breakfast works with CBDC Burin Peninsula.  Bert Bark Inn works with CBDC Gateway  Placentia Baycations works with the team at CBDC Avalon West.  Edge of the Avalon Inn works with the CBDC Celtic team in Ferryland. 

Edge of Avalon summed it all up with

“It is with the partnership of agencies like the CBDC that the businesses located in our rural communities will continue to flourish.”

for more about CBDCs click here.


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