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TaskforceNL - connecting NL employers to newly arrived skilled workers 

Every Newfoundland and Labradorian loves a good task force. Energy, response, change…. they’re all about digging in and working hard to respond and resolve current challenges.   

TaskforceNL is all of that. It’s a social enterprise that started in pandemic times by a group of 75 NL business leaders and volunteers who realized the need for PPE in front line workers in the earliest days of the pandemic.

From that very impactful effort came the organization’s purpose:  to invigorate and revitalize Newfoundland Labrador by actioning big ideas.  

The next big idea is population growth.

The mandate for this project is to help grow the province’s population by connecting the province’s employers to newly arrived skilled workers. 

Courtney Rowsell, Manager and Community Liaison, talks through the project,  “We’re taking a multi-pronged approach to this from a Job Fair to a hiring blitz to a job match database.  We’re exploring all the options, and have a special focus on rural communities.  We know that with suitable employment opportunities, and welcoming supports for families, we can all help build a future that is stronger, more inclusive, and truly profitable for Newfoundland and Labrador.

In this second episode of Looks Like Social Enterprise Courtney Rowsell of TaskforceNL shares the story of the project with Guide to the Good's Kim Todd and Nicole Dawe of Community Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Video:  Looks Like Social Enterprise - Taskforce NL

May 24, 2023, St. John's  /  Edited by Kim Todd & Ryan Young / Produced by Guide to the Good.

TaskforceNL:  how it started, how it's going

The Board of Directors of TaskforceNL is a group of 10 who know how to get things done. Co-chairs Victoria Belbin and Elizabeth Kidd, Treasurer Lynn Sullivan and Cathy Bennett (Past-Chair) are the executive, with Emad Rizkalla, David Mitchell, Sophie Harrington, Stephen ThorneCarlos Bazan and David Haire (ex-officio). 

Along with Courtney, Taskforce NL's other staff person is advocate and entrepreneur Constanza Safatle.  The organization received an Investment Readiness Program grant through CFNL to support their Municipal Hiring Blitz to promote employment and economic growth in rural communities by encouraging immigration. 

Poster for Taskforce NL with text reading we help find, hire and keep great workers for employers, industry associations, municipalities.  ask what we can do for you.

tech problems?  what tech problems?

We livestreamed the second episode of Looks Like Social Enterprise with each participant connected on their phone.   It was the first time we tried it this way, and - guess what - there were hiccups.  That's why the opening line is.... Ok so we're here! 

All good. When we try new things it doesn't always go right the first time.  Patience, coolness and good editing go a loooong way!

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