to Gail our thanks, to Maham welcome

changing of the Treasurers

Gail Ryan on the left, Maham Rahim on the right

we don't say good-bye, but we do say thanks! 

and we're proud to say thank you to Gail Ryan, the woman who served as Treasurer to ~ Live Sustainably NL as we moved the Guide to the Good social enterprise from a dream idea into its pilot phase. crazy days!  Gail's expertise was very well-utilized, very much appreciated, and set a solid foundation for our growth.

and she's promised to stick around - once a greenrocker always a greenrocker! 

and just to underscore that point, we're proud to welcome Maham Rahim to the role of Treasurer.  Maham was an intern with when Guide to the Good was setting up.  she knows the model, she loves local, and we're looking forward to participation as a board member. 

learn more about Maham, and check out who else is on Board of Directors

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