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Top Tips for Shopping Season Hits 2021

The joy of giving is pretty universal, but its precursor - the season of shopping - calls up different reactions from different people. 

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In ‘70s around mid November my second cousin and I would start playing  ‘beten (pretend) it’s the night before Christmas’ on Sunday afternoons when families gathered. 

After supper we’d set up on the bed of Aunt Jessie & Uncle Mac / Nan & Poppy (state of the art 1970s bedspread) second floor, centre City St. John’s pretending with all our might that it was the night before Christmas. 

We were the main participants, but the game was greatly enhanced by supporting players.  Judi (about a decade older) would breeze in, peer out the window to the dark afternoon and say “I just saw a light on the South Side Hills.  I think it was Santa.” 

We would go wild with excitement.

those silhouettes of reindeer and a sleigh under a full moon. what can it be?

excitement! anticipation! and anxiety! will I be ready???

In 2021 those gentle evenings of mid November call up a different version of ‘beten its the night before Christmas’ - it’s an urge to gather the gifts. 

For some, the call brings excitement!  The thrill of the shop - finding the perfect thing that will surprise and delight a person you care about!  They will like it!  Shot of the happy brain chemical - dopamine all around! 

For others that siren call brings anxiety.   Shopping can be stressful:  the money, the getting of it,  availability, what to get for whom.  What if they don’t like it?  What if they don’t use it?  What if it doesn’t suit?

And these days the burden of stuff is on everyone’s mind.  Where did it come from?  What conditions was it made in?  How was it made?  Will they use it?  How long til it ends up in the landfill?

Add to these the practical concerns of Will it arrive on time?  Will I have to pay duties and taxes?  

Eeek!  We’re out of dopamine :-(

do not despair!

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be sharing Top Tips for Shopping Season Hits from gift seekers of various ages:  what they’re shopping for to give and what they’d like to get.   We’ll be sharing lots of local, social and green choices, and where and how to get ‘em.

Guiding principle:  Aim local for the win!

Next Up:  Melissa Wong - fast, safe, and fun shopping for experience gifts!

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