warm comforts of small business

good soup when it's cold out. mitts dried on big radiators. that's hygge.

This story has been updated from original publication to reflect changes in COVID-19 pandemic response.  

Heard about the hygge? The term is Scandinavian - sounds like ‘hoo-gah’ - but it’s as old as cold and means, generally, things that give comfort through energy - heat, light, and companionship.

Like so many things are, the good feeling is a response to resistance.  In order to give comfort, there has to be at least the threat of a discomfort waiting to be relieved. 

no fear here

We brace and face resistance.  We know how to Hold Fast.

humans of hygge

Good fortune is with us in so many ways in Newfoundland and Labrador. All over the province, here is home to makers and brewers and innovators who create amazing places and spaces that bring their beautiful dreams and visions to answer the collective call for comfort. 

In 2020 the call had a particular ring for small business - kind of like a tolling bell.  The comfort to the resistance is that CBDCs throughout the province had supports to help local business change, grow, and keep going.  As we face renewed challenges in Febraury 2021, CBDC is here to offer support.

Check out this little selection of awesome locally-owned, locally-operated, locally-headquartered companies from Mobile to Lab West. They got through 2020 - in some ways stronger.   


Big windows. Happy chickens in a cozy coop. Fabulous food, fresh and locally-sourced. Kayla O’Brien and the team have created a haven of hygge with FORK.

FORK is a casual fine dining restaurant on 5 acres in Mobile on the Southern Shore, Avalon Peninsula.  Open seasonally in our pandemic world, they looking to opening for service in April.  Come spring, plan a visit after exploring the East Coast Trail.  Visit their insta or facebook page for lots to look forward to. 


Down to earth is an understatement at Iron Rock Brewing Company.  Inspired to salute the ore that would create Labrador City and Wabush, brothers and proprietors Dave and Brian Hurley made the Iron Rock Taproom a rock-to-wall welcome when there's no high level pandemic,  where good feeling flows as smoothly as the brews.

But in pandemic times, and anytime if you’re far far away from Labrador West, you won’t be left in the cold.  Order online https://ironrockbrewing.com/express-ordering.  And if you’re down on the Avalon check for cans at Marie’s Mini Mart & Deli, and if you're in St. John's they can be found in the cooler at Urban Market.


Can there be a more quintessential single comfort of this place than a cup of tea?  Hygge in a mug. 

Newfoundland Tea Company rounds out the warm and special tea blends with an upscale restaurant and a local artisan market shop on Roe Avenue in Gander.  Joy happens there, and nothing makes Nicole Keats, the entrepreneur behind it, happier.  But there’s also joy if you’re not in the area.  Nicole has it set up so you can order online - tea, and a variety of local gorgeous comfort things.

Give Newfoundland Tea Co a click right here!  

CBDC stands for Community Business Development Bank. For more info on CBDCs click here to visit their profile.  

The CBDC is a GROWER member with Guide to the Good.

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