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In this episode of We Got This, we make our way out to The Newfoundland Distillery in Clarke's Beach where Peter Wilkins talks about the spirit of creating when needs must, local botanicals, and shares the perfect Harvest Moon.

We Got This Episode 3

Shaken.  Shaken a lot with Peter Wilkins, The Newfoundland Distillery 

This episode of We Got This was a #staycation destination to The Newfoundland Distillery in Clarke's Beach, NL. Early in September thegreenrock.ca founder & CEO Kim Todd and Board Chair Bobby Bessey took a little road trip to meet up with The Distillery's Peter Wilkins. Their story of local starts in the roots of the berry bushes and on the beach, and rises up high and hot to create award-winning spirits. Find out more in the g2g profile - click here.

Peter Wilkins Tip ~ make your own Harvest Moon!

The secret to a perfect Harvest Moon is stellar ingredients.  The flavours in the Gunpowder and Rose rum are nuanced, punchy and subtle and no other rum will do!  Peter swears by the local choices - Tuck's Bee Better Farm for the honey syrup, local bakeapples (you can't get them many other places anyhow), mint that's local, lime that's not. There's a great lead up, but he starts mixing around 13:45.   

Check out The Newfoundland Distillery website for more wicked cocktail recipes https://thenewfoundlanddistillery.com/

pick up ingredients for the Harvest Moon at NLC stores, and at the Distillery Shop in Clarke's beach

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