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In our We Got This pilot livestream, Guide to the Good founder Kim Todd and Bobby Bessey, yogi, owner of Shakti Yoga and Chair of thegreenrock.ca Board of Directors talk about how Shakti responded to changes brought on by Covid-19, and Bobby shares yoga ideas to help people in times of change.

Bobby Bessey's Yogi Tip #1

Tune In

What is needed to thrive in any situation varies from person to person (and moment to moment). Adding to this complexity is the fact that most of the time we don’t actually know what we need! The three-breath practice below is designed to help you find out.

If you want to hear Bobby's soothing voice lead you through this exercise, jump to around 15.57 in the livestream, above.

First close your eyes, inhale a wave of breath, exhale and imagine that wave releasing your body and mind. And now begin.

Breath 1: Body Awareness Inhale and tune in to your body. Visualize your body filling with your breath and become aware of all the sensations in your body. This is a non-judgemental curious sweep. Exhale and imagine your body settling into ease.

Breath 2: Mind Awareness Inhale your breath into your mind. Imagine your brain filling with this breath. Exhale to release your brain into ease.

Breath 3: Heart Awareness Inhale to bring awareness to your heart center. Exhale to visualize this space relaxing and opening up. Ask yourself what you need right now? Maybe you want to pause and breath here for a while longer to wait for an answer or possibly you know immediately what you need. To move? To lie down? To breath fresh air? To connect with someone?

click here to see the full text of Bobby's "Top Two Ways to Thrive in Self-Isolation'. 

fresh and original, 'We Got This' nurtures resilient, locally-focused communities in a post Covid-19 Newfoundland and Labrador. in the livestreams you'll hear first hand experiences and insights from local companies that inform, educate, and inspire action. and there are practical tools to make it happen as we move forward, together.

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