We Got This - The FARM

Trina Porter's Growing Tip #1

Pinch the tomatoes!  Those little tiny shoots that grow out of tomato stalks are called suckers, and they can use up energy that might be better spent on growing actual tomatoes.  You can scrape them off gently with your thumb  (Trina describes this in the video at around 9:54). 

Check out The FARM website is a treasure trove of awesome information about growing great things.  https://thefoxtrapaccessroadmarket.ca/  (they update frequently so if it's down when you visit, check back later!)


We Got This Episode 2

Every Neighbourhood Needs A FARM with Trina Porter 

At the appropriate 6-foot distance, we were thrilled to see Trina, her sister Wandalee, and little Molly live and in person at The FARM.  Omar Abdelkhalek is behind the camera and makes a cameo at the end.

In the second episode, Trina Porter shares her inspiration for The FARM, the relevance of food security in the COVID-19 pandemic, and tips to care for tomato plants. 

fresh and original, 'We Got This' nurtures resilient, locally-focused communities in a post Covid-19 Newfoundland and Labrador. in the livestreams you'll hear first hand experiences and insights from local companies that inform, educate, and inspire action. and there are practical tools to make it happen as we move forward, together.

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