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Episode 4 ~ fluorishing communities and the GOOD with Dr. Stephen Blackwood 

we say it all the time - Guide to the Good is a social enterprise about building sustainable communities through local, social and green choices. sounds good, right? BUT way back when the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle was talking about flourishing communities, the GOOD was something specific, something special.

In this episode of We Got This, we chat with Dr. Stephen Blackwood - local philosopher, dad committed to a sustainable future, and a fan of Aristotle - as he shares ancient wisdom for our strange times.


art behind the conversation - 'Pouch Cove', Alex Todd, 2001.  Now living in Spain, English Artist Alex Todd was inspired by the raging red waves of the Cove when she was Artist in Residence with the Pouch Cove Foundation in 2001.

set support - Marie Claude Renault


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