what's good - October 2021

a mini round-up of great things on the go

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables. Earthy, robust, hale and hearty with colours as rich as taste.  Maybe you grow your own, and here's to you if you do, but if you don't you can fine the finest from our local farmers.  Check out Ripple Trail Farm and The FARM - these amazing farmers will set you up.

The riches of a local vegetable hamper - potato, carrot (two-legged!), turnip, cabbage. Yum.

Cod Jigging

The last weekend of the fall Recreational Groundfish Fishery - aka the food fishery - brought sunny days, great big codfish, and one happy fisher woman!  Amanda went home to Bonvista and took to the water as soon as her uncle put out the call.  This one may have been the biggest she ever landed.

Amanda is one happy fisher. Smiling with her cod fish catch at the food fishery Bonavista Newfoundland.

Relief of Pandemic Separations

Many Newfoundlanders who work away come home at least once a year, if not more.  Tony hadn't been home since the pandemic, and his showing up unnannounced (double-vaxed with a negative test, guitar in hand) was a very happy surprise for Nanny.

You never know who you'll see on the stairs!

Sprucing Up Downtown!

It's not that scaffolding on a great old downtown building is a beautiful thing in and of itself, but it signals invesment and refreshment especially when that buillding is home to Posie Row & Co - where you can access a zillion local shops all under one roof.  It's a Heritage Building built in 1894 and plaqued as "The Tobin Building".   This area - on the corner of Holloway Street and Duckworth, is hopping this fall, with the brand new Elaine's Cafe right next to Elaine's Books.

Scaffolding on Posie Row in downtown St. John's is a good sign.

Ocean Swim September

O Newfoundland! Hot temps in September are intoxicating gifts of splendour - splendid enough to inspire action erstwhile madness! This swim in the Bay of Exploits was absolutely leisurely.  Logical thought would suggest that the Bay would be most comfortable after the warmest months but when it comes to Atlantic immersion, logic isn't usually the dominant thought process!

September swimming the the North Atlantic, Bay of Exploits, NL.

#Staycation Shopping Excursions Around The Bay

In the same parking lot of the Ripple Trail Farm tiny outlet at Whitbourne Crossroads, there is the local sort-of-specialty-department store Adora.   Adora also has an outlet in Dildo, and there they had a big sale early in October.  It as an ideal destination of a #Staycation Excursion around the Bay.  Along with the shop, there's the Beach, the Brewery, ice cream and a whole lot more to see and do.

Welcome to Adora warehouse sale, Dildo

Fresh Yummy Waffles

When you think of fall at the St. John's Farmers Market, there's always joy in thinking 'harvest'.  But at SJFM there's always something else great when you turn around. The Waffle Lady was a major focus of attention on a recent Saturday morning.  The queue stretched riiiight back, and all griddles were on the go! 

Emily Hunt, The Waffle Lady making waffles at the St. John's Farmers' Market as excited customers queue for their favourites.

Signal Hill Sunrise

It's not really pink, so probably even the sailors were happy to see this gorgeous sunrise array of oranges and yellows on morning in September.  It made the early morning walk up Signal Hill very rewarding.

The dogberry branch gives the Signal Hill sunrise a bit of a tropical feeling.

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