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The Skater Statue at Bannerman Park, Guide to the Good logo, Images of the moon in light and dark,

We know what March in Newfoundland means but the calendar says spring, things are re-opening, people are starting to move around, there are moonbeams and crocuses to lift the spirit.  So let's go with it! 

Spring is about a fresh look around.

When we looked, we saw a slew of good, interesting, uplifting local things on the go in Newfoundland and Labrador. Here we share some of these nice good things!  

Like above: we might still be skating but that Loop at Bannerman Park has been a joy beacon for so many this winter!  And backyard rinks have gone mad all over the place.  Look for the private Facebook Group NL Outdoor Rinks for inspiration for next year!

More about the moon below, but have you seen a crocus yet?  The one above was shot March 20, 2022 in the old east end by Bobby Bessey, crocus enthusiast!   It's the first brave heart to show up on her lawn, and it brings hope.  (But temper it with knowledge shared many moons ago by Wilfred Blackmore:  the frost isn't over till we've lot the crocuses three times).

morning moon, afternoon moon

St. John's under moon. Top photo is blue sky and soft clouds, with a pinpoint of moon over a dog on the greens of a golf course in March.  Bottom photo is a bright moon under cloud on a black morning sky over lights of St. John's at 6 am in March.

The moon always gives you something to think about.  These two moon photos over St. John's face the same area from different directions a few days apart. 

The afternoon moon is from Clovelly Golf Course, a little white circle shining down on long-legged razorback Lucy.  Lucy loves to stretch her limbs.   

The morning moon makes night bright.  It's from the lookout at Cuckold's Cove, Signal Hill. On this morning its light was like a blanket tucking in the City. 



local athletes

Four men from Newfoundland and Labrador completed in the Games in Beijing in 2022.   

The Gushue Rink - Brett Gallant, Brad Gushue, and Mark Nichols curled (amazing curlers but not NLers Geoff Walker and Marc Kennedy completed the team) - brought bronze back to Newfoundland.  Liam Hickey of Team Canada Para Ice Hockey brought home silver. 

Their excellence gives this province a perfect score of athletes and medlists at the Beijiing games. 

Just sayin'.

girls on their game

Great Newfoundland Athletes 2022, Abby Newhook - Hockey.  Lauren Rowe - Soccer, Jaida Lee - Baseball.
Abby Newhook on the ice (BC Eagles photo), Lauren Rowe on the pitch (Feildians photo), Jaida Lee (Baseball Canada photo).

Three women of Newfoundland and Labrador are playing hard and leaving marks everywhere.

Hockey player Abby Newhook of St. John's is Hockey East Rookie of the Year.  She plays for Boston College.  She's 18.

Soccer player Lauren Rowe of CBS travelled to Dominican Republic to train with Canada's under-20 women's program training group.  She's 17.  

Baseball player Jaida Lee of St. John's is set to be the first female to ever play on a male team at the Canada Games.  She's in grade 11.



look! new shows to do with local on TV

Shows of Local:  Astrid and Lilly Save the World, The Missus Downstairs, Son of A Critch, Rock Solid Builds

In the early '80s it was obvious to anyone with a TV that this place was great at TV shows.

Wonderful Grand Band came on CBC. Most people only had two channels, but it wouldn't have mattered if there here hundreds because WGB was the show to watch. Some great shows followed in the ensuing decades, with 2010 being a major milestone with Republic of Doyle.  Six seasons of beautiful St. John's weather followed, captured in glorious colour.

And now. And now the shows are everywhere!  All kinds of shows about all kinds of things.  Shows about here shot here, shows not about here but shot here, shows with stars from here, shows with stars from other places, shows that seem like their not really a show but flashback.  All are wicked and good.  Here are some.

  • Recognize those trees in the pic above?  They're here.  This show has nothing to do with this place per se, but the crew credits from Astrid & Lilly Save the World are like a local high school yearbook. Costumes are AWESOME! Watch on CTV Sci-Fi or stream on Crave
  • The Missus Downstairs  is a kind-of made up show and has a LOT to do with here.  Watch to learn the difference between a toy poodle and a thai poodle. The very creative Dave Sullivan was telling stories on facebook of the goings-on in his immediate neighbourhood.  He talked with Mary Walsh (that Mary Walsh. our Mary Walsh).  And then it became a show on CBC gem.  Watch on Fibe TV1.
  • Son of A Critch  If you're of particular age and you grew up in St. John's, art imitating life doesn't quite capture it. It's more like history explained:  like, "Oh, that's what that was about!  Now I get it!"  Written by comedian Mark Critch, who plays his actual father Mike Critch of the VOCM News Service.  But it airs Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. on CBC and CBC Gem.
  • This is an HGTV show with excellent Newfoundland builders and beautiful Newfoundland places.  Rock Solid Builds shows great love of here, and features works like Wild Mother Janet Harron's place in Petty Harbour.  HGTV Canada shows through STACKTV with Amazon Prime Video Channels and Rogers



new music in Newfoundland and Labrador

RPM Challenge

The 2022 RMP Challenge generated 561 new records.  That is one powerful challenge!  Click here to listen.

The RPM is an annual creative challenge to anyone to record original music during the month of February. It's put off by Unpossible and the unstoppable Elling Lien, and many supporters, friends, and creators.

Tens of thousands of albums and close to a hundred thousand tracks have been made as part of the Challenge since it was founded in 2006, with submissions coming from every single continent on Earth (including Antarctica!) 

Creation for the nations.  Maybe this is how we can resolve things.


Lawnya Vanya

Now that doors are opening, live music is rising. 

Lawnya Vawnya is the non-profit exposition/festival of independent art & culture and music that takes place in downtown St. John’s, Ktaqmkuk.  

The 2022 version is so welcome.  It starts June 8-11 and the schedule will be out soon.

By the way - Lawnya Vawnya gets it’s name from an old Newfoundland expression meaning “To have a good time at a dance or a party with plenty to eat”. 

Maximum 30 

The music makers didn't get OUT to make music much over the past two years, but. 

The pandemic and the tech gave a many young artists the time and indoor space to create. 

Owen Finn is one of them.  His first EP, lovely lovely came out in June 2020, followed by albums, EPs and singles -  Learning to Smile with My Teeth, Lunch with Cowboys, New Swears, Cats See Ghosts, and others. 

His first gig rocked George Street from Jungle Jim's on their 30th anniversary. Other gigs - like opening for Mark Bragg on Boxing Day at The Shipp - did not see the lights of night.  But creating continued.  

To mark the end of the pandemic, out came EP Maximum 30 on March 16.



where this is compassion there is hope

The first quarter of 2022 brought more pandemic and unrest.  There is no end in sight but what is in sight is people making efforts to help.  Newfoundland companies are using the the things they do for a living to raise awareness and funds to help the lives of others. 

Here's a couple of examples: 

  • Volcano Bakery creates yummy cookies for causes - Ukraine, World Down Syndrome Day, and Epilepsy. 
  • The Little Button Company has a Stand With Ukraine collection (pictured above) with 100% of proceeds going to UNICEF's Ukraine Emergency Fund. 
  • Artist and Fogo resident Adam Young of Young Studios painted a sea of sunflowers under blue sky and called it “Hearts for Ukraine”.  The painting was sold on auction for $25,000.  The owner of the painting then agreed for prints of the original to be made and sold. Adam worked with Moncton-based printer INCOLOR and together raised an additional $40,000.  Together the project generated $65,000 for the charity Voices of Children
Like Adam said on his facebook post, 'Kindness is contagious and extremely powerful, especially in these times."

the Good Things pictured on the g2g home page:

  • Buy Local ~ Refilling Stations open at TVAL on Water Street 
  • Eat Local ~ CAKE!  Visit Toslow for absolutely scrummy cake
  • Experience Local ~  Foraged ingredients in Blue Heart Gardens nourishing nettle tea is an outdoor immersion in a cup
Buy Local over images of a refilling station at TVAL, eat local a Bakeapple Chocolate Cake by Kate Finn of Toslow, Experience Local Nourising Nettle Tea by Blue Heart Gardens

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