Guide to the Good CDAP Grant Bundle

The Government of Canada has partnered with CBDCs to deliver the Grow Your Business Online grant to small businesses in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Eligible businesses will receive a micro-grant of up to $2,400 to Grow Their Business Online, as well as access to a network of ecommerce advisors. 

Find out if you're eligible for the Grow Your Business Online grant here.

Grow Your Business Online bundle options

social media, video, or search engine optimization - Guide to the Good has got you covered

Guide to the Good has developed custom-build bundles to meet small business marketing needs that will maximize the CBDC CDAP Grow Your Business Online grant value in a one-stop package.

Visit our vendor page in the Grow Your Business Online directory - we're the only NL company listed!

Guide to the Good will help your small business build a strong digital footprint with options to focus on social media success, advertising, video and search engine optimization. 

choose A+B with either C, D, or E for $2400 – a 10% savings from separate cost*

A - Guide to the Good ChangeMaker ($545)

Guide to the Good’s flagship package – exclusively for locally-owned, locally operated, locally headquartered companies

  • Great Original, Shareable Content, Search Engine Optimized 
  • A profile on the award-winning Guide to the Good platform
  • Digital Advertising Promo
  • Links to your social channels, online store, website
  • Google Business Profile Set Up & workshops
  • Digital Supports & Training
  • Community Outreach... and more

B - Social Media Success Pack ($600)

You know there is value to posting on facebook, insta, linked in and YouTube, but it gets overwhelming fast!  The Guide to the Good CDAP Grow Your Business Online social media success pack gives you an organized social plan so that your social media activity serves you – not the other way around!  Includes:

    • one on one conversation about your company, your social goals and how different platforms meet different needs
    • custom themes for your posts based on your social goals 
    • ‘Jog list’ of specific topics,  hashtags and good ‘share’ options for  your company
    • custom annual posting calendar
    • one week of complete, ready to run sample posts for one platform
    • Meta Suite tutorial

C - Social Media Advertising Package ($1495)

  • Good organic social media posts are powerful, but if you’re looking to reach a broader audience on social media you’ll want to consider paid advertising.  The Guide to the Good Social Media Advertising Pack will get you underway.  It includes:
    • one on one conversation about your company and your advertising goals
    • Design of up to four social media campaigns 
    • $500 paid ad spend on one platform (Facebook, Insta, Meta/Facebook & Insta, or Google Ads).  Placement of up to four campaigns (over 12 months), two ads per campaign
    • Tutorial in chosen platform 
    • Campaign monitoring
    • Post campaign Metrics and Reporting

D - Video Bundle ($1495)

  • Video content gets you noticed!  It tells your story, it is versatile, and it can be used in so many different ways to reach your people. We’ve created a special video bundle for Grow Your Business Online grantees so that you can pop a version of  your story on all the platforms.   The Grow Your Business Online Video bundle includes:
    • Video planning session with goals and story board
    • One 60 minute session to record
    • One produced BRAND STORY video (around 4 minutes) to post on your site and/ or post or share on social media.  
    • One short FUN INFORMATIVE, ‘story-telling’ video (up to two minutes) that can be easily understood without sound (great for facebook)
    • Five ‘show-them’ video – short (up to 10 seconds) showing a demo, or action, or sample (suitable for Insta, Twitter et al)
    • Access to full recorded footage (Google Drive)
      • (available in St. John’s metro through 2023.  Session elsewhere can coincide with scheduled visits  Otherwise travel costs will apply)

E - Website Backend Bundle ($1495)

  • You know you have a website.  You know what’s on it.   You probably put it there!  But do you know what’s going on behind the scenes?  Is your page working well?  Does it load nicely?  Do the search engines like it?   Can it be faster?  What can you do to make it stronger, faster, serve you better?  
  • The Backend Bundle will lead you to the answers!  It includes:
    • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
    • Website Audit & Report (Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO)
    • One-on-one review of Audit & Recommendations for Follow-Up
    • Supported guidance to explore recommendations (up to three hours)
    • Introduction to Google Analytics 4 & Google Search Console

*Offers subject to change without notice.

Find out if you're eligible for the Grow Your Business Online grant here.

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