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tutoring and counselling support for tradespeople

Skilled tradespeople keep the province running.  The builders, fixers, operators, bakers and all other skilled trades workers are always on duty and the work matters.

But national figures show that almost ¼ of the 2022 labour force is expected to retire in the next five years, and there have been almost 30,000 fewer apprentices since the COVID-19 pandemic.  

So support for people in trades, and people thinking of entering trades is vital.

That’s what SOAR does. A project of the Murphy Centre, SOAR offers no-charge, online and in-person training and counselling to people in trades.

Video: learn about free math tutoring with Courtney Clarke of SOAR

Courtney Clarke is a math teacher and project coordinator. She’s happy in a one-on-one teaching environment and it shows - she loves those a-ha moments when concepts become clear.  She’s committed to helping students pass their program requirements.  

She says, “Math is the foundation of many skilled trades, so math is a core component for training programs and apprenticeships.  The courses are fast and demanding.  For some students, whether they’ve just finished school,  have been out for a while, or are moving into trades from another area, the math component is a barrier.  I’m here to help people build the math skills they need to meet the program requirements.”  

SOAR offers tutoring in-person and online - at no charge - for students in trades-related fields anywhere in Newfoundland and Labrador.   

Courtney says, “The tutoring is focused to whatever each student needs - prep for a test, brush up on specific skills, or review to get ready to start a program.  It can be one session or many.  Just call or email to book - (709) 693-2050”

Video: watch Raven Warren of SOAR walk through counselling support

Raven Warren is a Canadian Certified Counselor focused on Mental Health and Wellness.  Raven says, “We all have mental health and depending on various life changes, our mental health can be impacted. Everyone has seen this occur over the course of the Covid 19 pandemic, and skilled trade workers are no exception. In fact, due to the nature of skilled trades work environments and the typical demands on skilled trades workers, people in these professions are experiencing a higher impact on their mental health on average at this time.” As these work settings may not offer time to process or decompress, access to outside support is often necessary.

SOAR offers no-charge counselling to people throughout the province in person or online.  

Raven adds, “Work challenges, family matters, personal issues - we’re here to help skilled tradespeople work through whatever they are facing. We work with students, workers, and individuals who are currently unemployed in the skilled trades.  You can access these services whether or not you have personal insurance or an employee assistance program.  Just call (709) 727-4050.”

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Skilled Trades include bakers, carpenters, construction electricians, ironworkers, crane operators, millwrights and more.  

SOAR is a project spearheaded by the Murphy Centre in collaboration with stakeholders from Trades NL, College of the North Atlantic, ABTEC and NLCA. It is designed to support the academic and employment goals of those training for the skilled trades, as well as employees currently working in the skilled trades. 

SOAR is funded by the Future Skills Centre (FSC) by way of the Government of Canada. FSC is dedicated to helping Canadians gain the skills they need to thrive in a changing labour market.

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