digital marketing for local choices

With human connection and smart digital tech, Guide to the Good promotes local choices for purchase and lifestyle to people in Newfoundland and Labrador, and all over the world.

We're into it because we believe Newfoundland and Labrador is a wonderful place to be.  We're building a strong community of people who envision a thriving future for this place.

And we're into it because when locally-owned, locally-operated, and locally-headquartered companies thrive, communities thrive. And there are LOT of amazing local companies here.

If you're one of them, you need to know:

  • g2g Change-Maker - comprehensive digital marketing only for Newfoundland and Labrador companies. Click here for Change-Maker info on how to Get Known, Stand Out, & Grow!
  • hubbers add their events and activities to the 10,000 seats, markets, and soul connection hubs. hubbers onboard at different times through the year
  • listings are the free directory listing of your company - sponsored by Community Builders available at different times through the year

and there many other ways to be part of Guide to the Good!  

  • bloggers share stories from their area of experience and perspective and view.
  • community builders are not-so-small companies that create the infrastructure for small companies to grow in the community, and on guide to the good.
  • sponsors are the companies and organizations who support g2g hubs, and more
  • friends and supporters help out in many ways through collaboration, or donation of time, resources or financially

click one of the options below, give us your name and email and add any notes. we look forward to connecting with you!