MOA's October Market

MOA’s next festive fundraiser MARKET is coming at ya October 1st! Get ready for some spooky fall fun!
$2 admission.
EXTRA PARKING at The Basillica!
light orange solid background on each side of the picture and the picture is in the middle with a dark orange background. in the top left corner is a spider web, in the bottom left is a cup of latte (probably pumpkin spice), in between the spiderweb and latte is a yellow guitar. In the top right corner is several leaves of different shapes and colors, in the bottom right is 2 tickets with Admin One written on it.  Going down the middle from top to bottom are the words MOA'S October Market in large lettering in different colors of orange. Then there is a pink long rectangular banner with the words Plants / Art / Crafts / Jewelry / Food / Dessert / Vintage. Under this banner is @mothersofavalon in small white font. Under this is Live Music! Children's Entertainment! Prizes and More!  Saturday. October 1st 10-4 The Lantern 35 Barnes Road $2 Admission. then there is a heart with a sword in it with mothers of Avalon in black lettering in white banners around the heart and there is 2 white flowers on each side of the sword on top of the heart. Under this is HELP US SUPPOT NL'S struggling parents.

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