Multicultural Food and Craft Show/Market

Visit the St. John's Community Market every Thursday from 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm for Multicultural Food and Craft Show/Market. A great place to eat, shop and socialize with your family and friends, and make new friends. Please see poster for details.
Hosted by the We Care Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador and Tombolo Multicultural Festival.
Free admission. Live Music. Workshops.
For more information or to participate, email:
white background from top to bottom it says: MULTICULTURAL NIGHT in large blue letters, then there is a purple long rectangular banner with Every Thursday Evening 5pm-9pm in white lettering. Under this is St. John's Farmers' Market / 245 Freshwater Road with Co-Organizers: (all in blue block font) then there is 2 logos one for the We care foundation NL, and the 2nd is Tombolo Multicultural Festival. Under this it says Funded by: (in blue font as well) and there is a logo for Government of NL, Canadian Women's Foundation, Black Bussiness Intiative, ANC, STJM, MWONL. across the bottom in a pale blue long rectangular banner that says in white lettering ENJOY A NIGHT OF DIVERSITY EVERY WEEK

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