Pouch Cove Community Yard Sale

  • July, 17 2022 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • $5 charge if you rent a table
  • Pouch Cove, NL
  • fb.me/e/2DLCdHjZy
We have had a great response to the idea of a Community Yard Sale so we have planned one during our Come Home Year week!
If you would like to add your home to our network of Yard Sales, please complete the Google Form here:
We will also be offering space on the Cove Bank for anyone who wishes to come from out of town or if you would prefer to have your sale outside of your home. You can bring your own tables, or we will have a limited number of tables available for a $5 charge. All proceeds are going towards helping the people of Ukraine.
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