community is working together to #flattenthecurve of incidence of COVID-19 and social distance is the status quo. but market vendors are innovators! many are finding ways to let you get the goods as we work together to get through this

markets are not operating but many vendors are vending!  click here for the vendor list  

protecting our social, economic, and cultural bodies is vital.  together at a distance, people are looking for ways to support each other even as we are physically separate. market vendors are exploring ways to get their goods to market - delivery, pick-up, take-away, online ordering and more. 

when things are normal we invite you to...

support the markets for in-season veggies, beef, sauces, spices, baked goods, and craft from the local community, but influenced by cultures all over the world! find upcoming markets near you and if you’ve got a market you don’t see here, email!  (for markets that repeat regularly, only the upcoming one shows up!)  


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