market vendors are local makers!

markets are for everyone! many market vendors are makers who create their products here at home.   

artisans, craftspeople, food makers, entertainers, community members, and others draw from what we have right here at home to celebrate diversity and togetherness. markets are a collection of culture - come explore the food, goods, and experiences from cultures all over the world and see for yourself! looking for local? 

we'll be exploring markets all month long - meet you at the market!

check back as the story unfolds...

the intro livestream

  • we had a blast going live from the Humpday Market! we announced our new markets things and gave the scoops on all of the exciting things to come.. check it out!

  • we followed this by giving a tour of the Humpday Market and getting to know the awesome vendors.

*we apologize for the poor audio! we're working to resolve this issue with our sound system!

the Meet You at the Market video

  • Markets on the regular, pop-ups, and specials are all part of the Market community, and they all bring people together to connect, buy, eat and experience lovely things!  check out our Meet You at the Market video!

look for the good   

  • get a few new deets on the awesome vendors who give life to markets! and enter to win a great prize! click here to play!
  • this round is market themed which means the prize is full of awesome gear from market vendors! including:

community think tank

  • what's your favourite thing about markets?  head over to the Meet You at the Market community think tank and let people know!

inside scoop ~ trade tips from the experts

  • what makes a good vendor booth? get trade trips from expert Kim Cleary of Velvet Snow!


  • hear from the movers and shakers of the St. John's market scene!

and more...