mind our business as we flatten the curve

as we all change and simplify in the new normal of Covid-19, local companies are responding with new ways to safely meet community needs, and to stay in business.

setting up a sidewalk shop, teaching yoga online, and delivery to the door have become the new normal for our companies, and community response plays a huge role in helping these companies survive the pandemic.  minding our business - paying attention to what local companies are doing, understanding how their businesses work and build community, and choosing local will help set up a future we want to work toward.

for the #mindourbusiness feature, we'll be looking at the role local companies play in the community - how they support us, and how we support them.

check back as the story unfolds...

the pix down the side

  • outside the Canary Cycles shop on LeMarchant is a busy place as people lean toward alternate transport, and biking for pleasure
  • Bobby Bessey of Shakti yoga did a quick tech update when social distancing came onstream 
  • outdoor activity, with the six foot space, is recommended.  the City of St. John's encourages a clock-wise direction to keep that distance
  • streets that are  usually lined with traffic are quiet
  • playgrounds are taped off 
  • catching up with friends is an online pursuit
  • walking in your bubble takes up a whole street when paths cross
  • seeing Nanny from 30 feet (taking no chances there!)
  • window rainbows and doorstep waves are very heart-warming
  • public displays of appreciation for essential workers is the norm

the intro livestream

  • we went live in the back yard on a sunny April 26 to share the cool things that are coming up!

the We Got This series

  • We Got This is a new project that nurtures resilient, locally-focused communities in a post Covid-19 Newfoundland and Labrador.  it’s a multi-episode, fresh and original livestream series that informs, educates, and inspires the community and offers practical tools to take action as we move forward. 
  • First Episode is with Bobby Bessey of Shakti Yoga!  


Look for the Good   

Look for the Good Mind Our Business

community think tank

  • Covid-19 has changed so many things for so many people. the #mindourbusiness community think tank check out which was the easiest adjustment? 

and more... 

  • and we'll see what else shows up! 
  • we #mindourbusiness as we #flattenthecurve
two men standing on a sidewalk in front of a Cycles CC sign.  one is holiding a bicycle

laptop computer with a person doing yoga on the screen

sign by a lake indicating to walk clockwise

woman in red coat walking clockwise around a lake

empty streets at LeMarchant Road and Parade Street

playground equipment taped off - do not use

friends hanging out on a zoom computer screen

five people each standing six feet apart in a street

visiting a senior at safe distance

young girl waving from a front door near a window with a rainbow sign in it

a colourful hand-painted sign that reads thank you essential workers