Look for the Good

win the Look for the Good goodie bag!

Look for the Good is our online game where one lucky lover of local will win an amazing kit of goodies by finding fun and cool things about Guide to the Good companies! 

you know, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by things that aren’t going well. bad news travels fast and it sticks because we’re wired to keep danger and threats top of mind.  that was useful in a different age, but today we need a broader focus to survive and thrive. our Look for the Good game is a little play-and-win to share cute, fun, cool and good things that are on the go all over this place.

because there are still good things - you just need to look for them.

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awesome prizes to warm up the winter


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previous questions and winners

fall 2020

Belinda Dominic

Belinda Dominic was the happy winner of our #staycation Look for the Good Prize pack!

the prize includes goodies from local companies that celebrate this place, especially at #staycation time!

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you'll find Posie Row & Co on the corner of Duckworth Street and what other street?

Holloway Street

complete this saying from the crowd down to Tvål say "life's too short for bad ____"


Maverick carries swag for two local teams - name one of them!

St. John's Edge or the Growlers

who are the couple behind Newfoundland Chocolate Company?

Christina Dove and Brent Smith (they are married!)

hey, does Chafe and Sons make custom suits?

o yes, they do.

June - July 2020

Terri Hapgood

Terri Hapgood was the happy winner of our #getgrowing Look for the Good Prize pack!

the prize includes goodies from local companies that grow things, and make things grow! 

  • 2 lemon cucumbers, potted up with "tomato" cage"The FARM (Foxtrap Access Road Market) ($40 value)
  • a big fall harvest hamper from Ripple Trail Farm ($50 in veg!)
  • beautiful plants cultivated by friends of Memorial University Botanical Garden
  • a bag of useful swag from the Conservation Corps NL - a tote bay, a lunch bag, a a grocery bag and a water bottle!  
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what's the name of 'the force behind The FARM'?

it might not be this year, but what special event does the Botanical Gardens co-ordinate in July?

how many kilometres is Ripple Trail Farm from the turnoff to Markland?

the Conservation Corps NL runs three youth employment programs - name one!

spring 2020

Susan Parsons

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which Trinity Coffee blend is a legacy from Auntie Crae's?

Broad Cove Blend

prior to Covid-19 and the demand for masks, what was the product focus of Lizard's Leos?

athletic wear

which Heritage Shop is always available?

the online one

Soothe sells eco-friendly products, like Elate Cosmetics. Elate uses what biodegradable wood for their compacts?


Food for Thought has been home to natural, healthy and organic since when?


March 2020

Jean Graham

Jean was clearly thrilled to win Look for the Good! 

the contact-free delivery left her with soap and laundry detergent from St. John's Works, preserves (rhubarb marmalade / Newfoundland jumbleberry / seaweed antipasto) from The Jam Lady, $25 in St. John's Farmers' Market bucks (for later on), the finest kind of sustenance from Wild Mother Provisions - beer vinegar and granola.

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what location did St. John's Farmers' Market move to in 2018?

245 Freshwater Road

where did Velvet Snow first become a business?

St. John's Farmers' Market

what was Wild Mother previously called?

Flour of Scotland

how long has Krista Elliott of St. John’s Soap Works been making skin care, laundry detergents and cleaning supplies?

22 years

where does The Jam Lady’s inspiration come from?

her childhood - making preserves with her mom

February 2020

Meghan Conway

Meghan was delighted to win Look for the Good!  She learned things she didn't know before - like how the Firewood Factory harvests sustainably, and is looking forward to learning more about Cultural Diversity through First Light Training.  She's thrilled with the bakeapple earrings from Rocky Isle, is willing to share some of the rum from Newfoundland Distillery, and is looking forward to a shop at the ReStore!

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when did Firewood Factory begin?

December 2015

where was Restore located for 8 years before its move to Kenmount Road in 2015?

Logy Bay Road

what popular NL music group inspired the name for Rocky Isle Jewelry?

Buddy Wassisname and the Other Fellers

Newfoundland Distillery Company is the first full distillery active in Newfoundland in how long?

125 years

what is the main focus of Cultural Diversity Training's hour-long introductory session?

diversity and cultural humility

January 2020

Celia Glover (& Josh Michael!)

Celia was unable to pick up the prize, so her fiance Josh Michael came by!


  • mittens from Isla & Sam's 
  • socks from Wm. L. Chafe and Sons
  • pour over coffee mug + The Coffee Dictionary from Posie Row
  • East Coast Glow soap, Gentlemen's Beard kit, and Top of Mind game from Johnny Ruth
  • hockey cards + pack of singles from Maverick Sports & Collectables
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what year did Posie Row add '& Co' to their name?


how long has Wm. L. Chafe and Sons been open?

over 90 years.

Maverick Sports & Collectables carries merch from what local sports teams?

St. John's Edge, Newfoundland Growlers

Johnnny Ruth offers free gift wrapping to customers who donate to what local charity?

Marguerite's Place

Where did Food for Thought move after a fire burnt down their building in 2014?

Gower Street

June 2019

Corinne Breen


a bag of coffee from Trinity Coffee Company

a jar of salsa from The Jam Lady

3 cheeses from Five Brothers Artisan Cheese (cheddar, smoked cheddar, and black pepper – YUM)

a $50 gift certificate for the Hungry Heart cafe, from Clean Start

a certificate for 5 waffles from The Waffle Lady

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Emily, The Waffle Lady, makes breakfast for visitors to the St. John's Farmers' Market. from which family member did she derive her waffle recipe?

her mother

Trinity Coffee Company roasts coffee beans on the Bonavista Peninsula. from which former St. John's business did Ian purchase his first coffee roaster?

Auntie Crae's

Five Brothers Artisan Cheese uses local milk to make their products. which company supplies their milk?

Central Dairies

Clean Start is cleaning company and a social enterprise. which community organization do they fundraise for?

Stella's Circle

May 2019

Mark Strong


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Kitty Witty makes her own jewelry which is often inspired by nature. where does the name "Kitty Witty" come from?

it was her father's pet name for her mother

Tulip Baroo is a vegan, gluten-friendly bakery. Matthew named one of his cupcakes after a character from a popular TV show. what show is it?

the Golden Girls

Good2Grow has the knowledge and tools to help with gardening of all kinds, and they also have animals! what is their chicken's name?


The MUN Botanical Garden is a place to take a stroll in nature in the middle of the city, and learn about things that grow. what year did the garden first open to the public?


April 2019

Lara Maynard


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what happened in 2014 that led to Food for Thought relocating from Duckworth Street to Gower Street?

there was a fire at their Duckworth Street store

Newfoundland's first ecolodge is an off-the-grid nature immersion. the centre is constructed with old growth douglas fir and western red cedar. where did the wood come from?

it was recycled from old buildings in St. John's

one of Tvål's founders is from Sweden, so they picked a Swedish word for the name of the company. what does Tvål mean in English


Boulder began in 2002 with a reprint of a classic Newfoundland publication by D.W. Prowse from 1895. what is the name of the book?

A History of Newfoundland

April 2019

Sandra Shiner

  • $25 for St. John's Farmers' Market
  • $25 for RubyRose Beauty Bar
  • 2 soaps and a bag of bath salts from St.John's Soap Works
  • a bottle of beer vinegar from Wild Mother Provisions
  • a bunch of sweets from Newfoundland Chocolate Company
  • a cloth bag from Home Again Furniture Bank!
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Krista started selling her specialty clean and fresh products at the St. John's Farmers' Market, and even though her business name starts with "St. John's", her store is headquartered in Mount Pearl. what shop does Krista own?

St. John's Soap Works

this g2g member is in the business of human empowerment. it accepts donations of good used furniture and delivers it to people who need it at no charge. what is the name of the company?

Home Again Furniture Bank

where can you purchase "puffin eggs" that are a delicious treat to eat?

Newfoundland Chocolate Company

Janet sells "foods recognizable by your great-great grandparents" at the St. John's Farmers' Market. what is the name of her company?

Wild Mother Provisions