Dyads: Yoga of Communication

The Lotus Centre offers Dyads yoga of communication. Find your voice of empowerment with a two-person communication technique within a group setting. We clear the mind of current problems or stuck issues. The instruction given to each other is: “Tell me what is occurring for you”. These are 40 minute sessions starting at 6:30pm, 7:20pm, and 8:05pm. Make sure to check out their website and reserve your spot. This is offered in person or online.


There are in Person and Live online sessions available

there are 2 rows of people faceing each other on facing and 3 back on in the picture. the ones sitting back on have upright seats to help positioning of their backs, they are all sitting with their feet tucked underneath them in a yoga position and they all look like they are engaged in conversation. They are all sitting on gray carpet in a room that is painted yellow

Soul Connection hub is sponsored by Cochrane Street United Church