Book Fair for Adults with Engen Books

Question: Do you remember book fairs? Of course you do. Who doesn't? They were great. You went down with your friends to the gym, looked at the cool books, picked out your favs and compared. And those flyers! They were awesome.
Why don't we get that feeling as adults? Well, we've decided: we get to!
Join Engen Books at the Newfoundland Embassy on June 29th for the first Book Fair for Adults! Pick out some cool books, have a cocktail, meet other book lovers. Meet authors! Hear readings! Connect with other people in the industry!
Broad strokes: Have a Time, get lit, get literature!
from left to right on the top is the symbol for Engen Books with 35th Grade! wrote under it, in the middle it is Welcome to Summer! which is underlined and under that it says Relive the joy of the Book Fairs: As an adult. Taking up the bottom portion from left to right is the sign for The Newfoundland Embassy Pub & Eatery which is written in a black ring around a white circle with a black image of NL in the center. in the middle is a posters that says Terror Nova with a scary dark night scene on it and to the right of it are the works Mike Hickey & Friends Tales of terror from across the island! Chapter book $19.99

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