English Conversation Class

Our Empowerment through English Conversation Classes help the women and their families in a variety of ways applicable to everyday life. These monthly sessions enhance decision making, raising their self-esteem and preparing them to engage in a many real life scenarios . In addition, it helps empower and engage them more in community activities. Women gain skills to engage in useful activities, raise their confidence level, learn to be economically independent and learn to take on more responsibilities.‚Äč

We try to accommodate women from all sorts of situations by providing childminding and transportation on a need to need basis. Our classes are taught by volunteer instructors and sometimes participants who want to share their culture and lifestyle. 

9 women's standing in a circle with on of their hands extended forward to the center and all hand have henna designs on them. some hands are palm up and some are palm down.

Soul Connection hub is sponsored by Cochrane Street United Church